Craft Brewing with Style – Part 8

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thanks for tuning into what’s brewing with Augustine on your host Augustine Iacopelli I am a cofounder of Augustine oh brewing which is a brewery and coffeehouse slated to open up in Wichita Kansas in late 2017 post sometime during the fall months which seems like you at least here in the the Wichita area several of our breweries have open during the late summer to fall months and as much as I wanted to be a spring opening it looks like were to be in that same category so we talk all things craft beer craft coffee and Kraft Foods will really a heavy beer kick lately going through craft bring it with style are a journey through the year Judge certification program style guidelines which show home brewers and craft brewers use to help guide what they are making some people are really into following style especially if you are somebody like myself and you’re a judge with the beer Judge certification program I took a very long and hard test to get there I and what do you on the other flipside of the coin is that the there’s those who think that styles are us stifling and that they don’t reflect very well what do what they want to do it take some of the art out of the making a beer and so you’ve got two extremes ago on I believe that ultimately the middleground is where it should be roommate have beer making is a very complex scientific process these days I were having to be concerned with things that we’ve never had to be concerned with in terms of craft beer before special at a smaller scale of things like water chemistry and you really watching the numbers very very closely on attenuation and and on alcohol production things that myriad of very scientific measurable things and then also on the the flipside there is an artistic piece I if I just made a straight up IPA and was not thinking about the presentation of the hops across that beer I’m may have a very high quality beer that is not one that people care to drink because it is just or that while factor that you you always want to come across on beer styles and here’s one that done really well can be a very nice summer beer really kind of a lawnmower type of your here and it’s the yeah it’s another European beer were in category five on now 15B which is the coal beer there is a coolish that is made by a one of her neighbors up at Walnut River brewing company highly recommend you I check them out when you have a chance of the overall impression of the cold is a clean crisp and delicately balanced beer it usually has a very subtle fruit and hop character it’s subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly well attenuated and refreshing finish the freshman freshness of this quality makes a huge difference with this beer cold style beers are very very delicate and often times are only at their peak drink ability for a week or two I that it really declines very quickly it doesn’t necessarily mean outside of that week or two window that it’s not a drinkable beer it’s not a good beer it still to be very good but I it’s while factor that we talked about a little bit earlier in this episode goes away fairly quickly on this beer and another thing is that this is a very brilliant straw-colored beer it’s another one of these beers that is drank really for drink ability is as much as anything else although it’s again another great category to pull craft beer Erica Miller but Coors fans over to Wichita craft beer and and the the craft beer industry which is really what we’re after both the at Augustine oh brewing and at all the other brewpub breweries here in the Wichita area as well as beyond our local local area across the country and so it really is a situation where we are continuing to grow the market at the expense of the large-scale brewers so appearance on this as I mentioned veal very pale gold light gold the aroma there’s a lot of Roma on it like a little bit of a sweet nose a little bit of that light from character knows but for the most part there’s not a lot of nose with the spear now in terms of the flavor flavor on this is is fairly distinctive it it’s got a soft and rounded palate and that’s comprised of very delicate flavor balance between us soft yet attenuated malt and almost an imperceptible fruity sweetness from the a fermentation so that that actually comes from the east that’s utilized in the spear you have a medium low to medium bitterness with the spirit that kind adds a little bit of a crispness in a dryness to at the mall tends to be grainy sweet possibly with a very light bratty or honey type of quality hop flavor on this can be variable in and range from low to act actually moderately high but most of them tend to be toward the low end of the spectrum especially if it’s a more of a traditional style in terms of the mouth feel it’s medium light to medium body and then medium to medium-high carbonation these beers are smooth and crisp and well attenuated healing terms of this style the style really goes to a specific location that’s Cologne Germany and the clone has a top fermenting bring tradition since the Middle Ages that would be an ale yeast but develop the beer now no neck as cold in the late 1800s to combat encroaching bottom fermented pale augurs cool she is an appellation that basically a name that is protected by the Colts convention and is restricted to the 20 or so breweries in and around Cologne the convention simply defines the beer as a light highly attenuated hop accentuated and clear top fermenting oval beer so technically the guys here in town who are our across town who are talking about the beer being a cold the people in Cologne would be very particular on that because in their minds there’s only one place that Cole should beers can be made that the is in Cologne Germany so we to stop right there and pick this up again in our next episode which is good to start out with the a German Hellas export beer thanks for listening and learning about Wichita beer styles and beer styles across the world I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s brewing with Augustine oh thanks a lot by

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