Craft Brewing with Style – Part 9

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hello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine oh your journey through craft beer craft coffee and craft food and occasionally look behind the curtain at the trials and tribulations and joy of opening up a craft brewery I am one of the cofounders of Augustine oh brewing a craft brewery and coffeehouse to be opening in the Wichita Kansas area at a location as I am recording still to be announced by the time you’re hearing it you may be able to find out a little bit more about it by finding a sign of Facebook or twitter or Insta Graham were just going to our website which is Wichita and I can find out more about what we do and how we do it and learn more about how you can get there in and try out some of our beers we plan to bring a unique experience to the craft beer industry doesn’t mean that there aren’t many awesome breweries here in the area but we want to bring our unique take to this and we think that there’s many of you out there that a been crying for something a little bit different in terms of a beer experience there is a segment of the population that loves their craft beer but they don’t quite yet have the experience that is out Taylor to them and that little group we are looking to fill in the gap for so they were going to jump right back into it and start talking about the German Hellas export beer how we did talk a little bit of energy German Hellas before this is category 5C in the Beer Judge certification program guidelines if you want to learn more about the BJCP you go to and learn about styles that are brewed in Wichita and styles that are brewed across the United United States and styles that are brewed all around the world just like this one this is a pale well-balanced smooth German logger that is slightly stronger than the average beer with a moderate body and a mild aromatic hop and malt character some commercial examples of this that they you might be able to find our red DAB dab original Dortmund or Cronin dorm under union export I haven’t seen that one before another one another couple that are brewed in the United States as versions of the style are at Gordon beer she is golden export and Great Lakes Dortmund or gold so now those last two or to be more of an American interpretation of the style but this is a a really interesting style if you’ve not had it before I’d has a low to medium hop aroma which comes across typically floral spicier burbling character I’d has a moderate grainy sweet malt aroma with a a clean fermentation profile this is one of the styles it has a that that can have a very slight soul free note at the start usually that if you get that at all it’s can be right after you open the spear and pour it and then it goes away there’s a funny story I won’t get into right now about that and how that worked one time very early in my three career when I was making a lager beer that I dumped because it smelled of sulfur after fermentation I laugh about it now but I was really angry with myself when I realized that I dumped a perfectly good beer that was supposed to have or could at least have a slight sulfur nose on it anyway live and learn right this is a style that is a light gold to deep golden color and it is clear like a lot of the other beers made in Germany it also has a very persistent white had it to you if you pour it hard into a glass it’s good to get really thick head on it and that had will should not at least dissipate very quickly this style is a medium body medium carbonation it’s a smooth beer but it tends to be nice and crisp and this type of style is actually a lot more commonly known as and it was known this way in previous versions of style guidelines as the Dortmund or or Dortmund or export this beer was brewed to a slightly higher starting gravity than other light loggers and at which provided a firm and multi-body and underlying maltiness to complement the sulfate accentuated hop bitterness the term export means that it’s a beer strength descriptor under the German brewing tradition which is not strictly synonymous with Dortmund or style beer from other cities or regions that can be brewed to the export strength basically what that is meaning and in the yeah guidelines here is that with the with this a lot of the German beers in the traditional German beer styles Germany is very exacting in what they define a of the you talk about German engineering and everything like that and so they are very strict in terms of what certain things are what certain descriptors are in terms of a lot of things and including beer so export has a very specific term if you’re in Germany but if you get outside a Germany that’s not as much the case this is a beer that is made between about 4.8 and 6.0% ABV the next one is 5D this is a style you can find a little bit more commonly in the states than some of these other styles and that is the German pills style and this is really kind of the the grandfather of the American light loggers and an other logger categories it’s a light bodied highly attenuated gold colored autumn fermented bitter German beer showing excellent head retention and an elegant floral hop aroma I it’s crisp clean and refreshing the German pure pills showcases the finest quality German malt and hops and some of those things that are in their are really what sets it apart from and makes it much more flavorful and more much more enjoyable in my opinion then the American loggers because it’s not chocked full of adjuncts rice corn things like that it’s it’s just pretty much straight up or very close to straight up malt that get you there so I realize it’s medium low to low greeny’s wheat Ridge malt character there is a distinctive flowery spicier herbal hop nose on it and you can with as with some of the other German styles get a little bit of DMS on it but it’s usually very subtle the appearance on this is straw to light golden color and it’s also brilliant to very clear with a creamy long-lasting white had flavor on this is the medium to high hop bitterness generally dominates the pallet and lingers into aftertaste which does set this style apart from some of the other German styles that are a lot more malt forward a lot more sweet forward the German pills is not like that at all modern examples of the pills tend to become a little bit paler in color and dryer in the finish and also more bitter as you move from South Germany toward North Germany and then that often mirrors the increase in the sulfate that’s actually the water so it’s not so much that it’s being intentional in terms of how they’re there coming across but it’s an adaptation to the the water style that’s being used and you’re comparing in and did the style to other loggers the German pills is later in body and color drier and crisper and more fully in attenuated than the yeah check premium pale logger it has more hop character malt flavor and bitterness than international pale loggers more hop character bitterness with a dryer crisper finish than a Munich Hellas and then the Hellas has more malt flavor but the same kind of character as the pills so that’s the a German pills category will wind up coming back in category six in our next episode with the Amber multi-European loggers thanks a lot for listening I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you are listening to what’s brewing with Augustine of thanks a lot I

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