Augustino Brewing Craft Coffee and Tea Drinks

Augustino Brewing Company is more than just beer! We feature many craft coffee and tea beverages served to perfection for your enjoyment. Included in our menu of beverages are the traditional espresso, Americano, Mocha, Cappuccino Classico, Electric Latte, and Frappes. In-house syrups blend together the the tasty worlds of some of our best craft brewed beers with the best of our coffee and tea drinks. Try our Liquid Deception syrup in your drink for a wonderful vanilla hazelnut roasted porter flavoring.

We also offer looseleaf tea beverages for your enjoyment. Looseleaf tea avoid some of the chemicals and toxins that are in bagged tea varietals. It gives you all of the tea flavoring and nothing else. Our Lightning Tasse is not to be missed.

Finally, if you’re not quite into coffee and not quite into tea, you’re still not at a loss. Enjoy one of our specialty drinks made with steamed milk and other fine ingredients.

Java Drinks


Served to perfection, our espresso is brought to you in a demitasse mug with a side of mineral water. It is the ultimate way to experience the bean in your cup. Get a jolt of life today!


Our Americano is made from a double shot of espresso and topped up with hot water. If you need a stronger version ask for a bonus “shot in the dark.” Our Americano is also available with flavor syrups for a truly custom experience.


Made with chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk, our mocha packs just the right punch and sweetness to start a day or end it on a high note.

Cappuccino Classico

It’s everything that you look for in a classic cappuccino drink. Made with equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. A treat in a cup.

Electric Latte

Take it hot or take it cold, this classic drink is great either way. Our version includes steamed milk and foam with two shots of espresso. It’s a creamy way to get your caffeine kick. This beverage is also available “breve style,” which replaces the steamed milk with steamed half-and-half.

V-60 Pourover

Enjoy a custom extraction of your coffee right before your eyes with V60 pour over. Hot coffee and brewer are brought to your table, so you can make the coffee exactly how you like it. It’s a great way to try out making coffee by pour over before purchasing your own V60 set for when you’re away from a nearby Augustino Brewing Company location.

Jumper Cables

This is the perfect treat for a tough start to your morning. This combo includes the latte of your choice, a doubleshot of espresso and a glass of mineral water. This is exactly what to turn to when you need to be extra alert for the day.


A desert in a cup, our frappe is a malty and sweet creamy beverage, perfect for a dessert after a meal. Topped with whipped cream this is a great way to top off a long day.

Tea Beverages

Loose Leaf Hot Tea

Custom blended for your pleasure, this looseleaf tea avoid some of the potential harmful chemicals that come with the bag to teas you will find at most coffeehouse locations. Choose which custom blend you want to enjoy and reap the benefits of the nice cozy hot tea beverage.

Chai Latte

Chai tea is mixed with milk and can be served either hot or cold. For a more significant kick, make it “dirty” with a shot of espresso.

Lightning Tatte

Our specialty in-house tea latte is an interesting take on a common tea latte, but is made with custom blended loose leaf tea, steamed milk vanilla and a touch of honey. When you’re feeling a little under the weather this is the perfect drink to get you back on your feet and feeling great.

Other Specialty Beverages

Morning Fog

This drink starts off with steamed milk and ends with the syrup of your choice. To make this a truly customized beverage. For something extra special that you can’t find anywhere else, try pairing it with one of our specialty craft beer syrups. These nonalcoholic syrups bring the amazing flavors of Augustino Brewing Beers, like our Liquid Deception Vanilla Hazelnut Porter into your morning cup. This is a truly unique experience that you should not miss trying out.

Hot Chocolate

A favorite for kids and adults alike Augustino Brewing Hot Chocolate starts off with steamed milk and chocolate and is topped with whipped topping. For an added treat, try a shot of one of our bar syrups, such as raspberry or cherry, for an even more flavorful experience.

Is Our Menu Missing Something?

We have a lot of excellent beverages available to you, but if there’s something that you’d love to see served at Augustino Brewing Company, please let us know! Perhaps your idea will become our next house specialty beverage. We love our fans and we want to bring you the best craft coffee experience available in your neighborhood.

Also, if you want to pick up coffee to go, please give us a call ahead of time and we will have your beverage available for you for take out as soon as you get here. While we love to have you as guests in our dining area, we realize that that’s not always a possibility in your schedule. By offering you take away service you get the best of Augustino Brewing without losing a minute of your day.

Try it out by giving us a call when you are next looking for your craft coffee or tea kick. We also have bagged coffee beans and looseleaf tea available for purchase for home brewing.

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