Find the Best Beer in Wichita

Podcast Transcript

Amber colored Augustino Brewing BeerHello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine of your choice for the best beer the best coffee in the best food and I am your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are going to talk about finding the best beer in Wichita and where to go and I would like to suggest Augustine of brewing and would love to have you come and visit Augustine of brewing and enjoy best beer in Wichita which is coming to a location in Wichita later this year will listen to your radio and watch the newspapers and you’ll find out when we are going to open will have lots of great events that people whether they are just hanging out with friends or whether they are hat hanging out with their families they will enjoy because Augustine homebrewing is a casual dining restaurant as well as an open seating pub it’s sort of like having two places under one roof we will have a area for people to just come in order from the bar get the drinks from the bar and enjoy just casually hanging out and then we also have a place where you can order your peers at your table from a server just like you would expect from a a casual dining restaurant so I would recommend you check out Augustine oh brewing to find the best beer in Wichita coming soon to a location here in Wichita I when you want to find great staff and great beer and really the best beer in the Wichita area I would recommend you come and visit us we are open during the morning hours and then were also open in the evening hours and one of the things that our slogan is is that we rise and grind in the morning and we bring beer in sheer in the evening and that’s true although one thing that you might not know about us is that here in the city of Wichita at 9 AM you can order beer which means that those of you who are D sleepers like I used to be early on in my career and you’re at the end your day or at the end your week and you and your friends are trying to figure out what to do well you have another option other than just go home and do your grocery shopping you can now go out and find the best beer in Wichita which is at Augustine homebrewing which you can enjoy at during a a.m. third shift happy hour which is one thing that we are excited to bring you at Augustine oh brewing so if you want to find the best beer in Wichita and the best service in Wichita give us a call don’t wait I can be reached at 316-204-5226 now you may want to look up the number on our main webpage because that number probably will change when we get close to opening however if you call that number you will get a hold of me and I will point you in the right direction toward the best beer in Wichita so feel free to give us a call and we will let you know what our daily special is we will also let you know about our ultimate mug club program this is a program exclusive to Augustine homebrewing locations whereby you can pay one low monthly membership fee and you get to come in every day of the month for one dollar beer or coffee and so that is about your best deal in town so make sure you sign up for our membership program to get the best beer in Wichita and we would be happy to see you every day every month all year round enjoying the best beer in town at the best price in town as well so drop on by enjoy our food enjoy our coffee enjoy our beer and enjoy a service level that is unmatched anywhere else in the city of Wichita so with that I would just add to that that we have a wonderful the core we have a wonderful staff and we want to serve you and give you and the people who your with be at your family or friends the most outstanding time that we can provide you oh and by the way we all so in case you are curious we also are looking at having a private dining space for up to about 20 people will be space that has its own television as well as plenty of seating and a dedicated server for just your room and Matt will be also coming to Augustine oh brewing and so I look forward to providing that as do the rest of our team we’ve a team of the owners that have more experience in craft beer and brewing than anybody else in the area and that is how we are able to help you find the best beer in Wichita at our location and if you will have interest in learning more and go straight to our main website which [email protected] again that’s Augustine to find the best beer in Wichita so if you’re interested in great beer and great food and great coffee well you have nowhere else to go but Augustine O’Brien where you can find the best beer in Wichita so the last thing that I want to add to this is that we are a family-friendly place you don’t need to look farther than Augustine oh brewing for a place that not only can mom and dad have fun but the kids can enjoy as well and so when you’re looking for the best beer in Wichita you want to come to Augustine oh brewing and bring the whole family we love to have them all as our guests and our staff is ready and waiting to serve you so come on out and join us and have a wonderful time drinking great beer great coffee and eating great casual food that is palatable and exciting and fun for the whole family thanks a lot for listening to Augustine oh and this is what’s brewing with Augustine

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