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hello and welcome back to What’s Brewing with Augustino your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and craft food I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are talking about how to find the best local brew pubs in Wichita and on what is coming onto the scene in terms of the best local brew pubs in Wichita so first off I shameless plug for us Augustino Brewing Company is a craft beer and coffee experience coming to the Wichita area this fall beginning this fall 2017 we will be opening at 756 North Tyler Rd. and that is in Wichita Kansas again if you’re a local it’s just immediately north of the intersection of 37 of 37 of central in Tyler I and you can go there at beginning this fall and get craft coffee in the morning and then craft beer at night your Oscar craft coffee a night to that’s available for those of you who don’t like to sleep like I don’t like to sleep and so we you will look forward to you I join us there if you want to learn more about Augustino Brewing Company and why we think that we will be among of the best local brew pubs in Wichita you are welcome to connect with us on Facebook twitter and Insta Graham would be happy to interact with you there you can also find us on our website which is Augustine oh that’s AUG UST INO BR and does so I can to get cut off on my last episode when I was talking about some of the other brew pubs in Wichita so I’m in a come on back around and start where I felt rushed the last time and maybe this summer me to go through them off a little faster and more efficiently so first off I want to start in terms of our discussion of how to find the best local brew pubs in Wichita by saying there are many best local brew pubs in Wichita and among those are central standard brewing company central standard can be found in the a little bit west of the central business district you can find them by just pop them in on Google maps and you’ll hunt them down I would also recommend with them as well as a number of the other breweries that are currently open and that are opening here in the Wichita area that you make sure you connect with them on social media and here’s the reason why there are many events in Amet at at a number of these brewery some have more some have less central standards is one of the the breweries are the brew pubs right now that is known for being kind of a venue for live events of there are a number of the bands that come out and play in and larger events that they put on so definitely stay tuned to their schedule because they they do a lot of really great stuff and create a pretty hip atmosphere there so I check them out if that is something that you are into so we also, rushed to talking about the hopping know in my last episode hopping gnome’s like about block away from my central standard which is great for people who are trying to try multiple breweries and single day you literally can walk from one to the other without any problem and so hopping gnome one of the great things about them is here not only do they have a come up pub feel where everybody knows your name it’s nice guy a small but the intimate environment they’ve got games there Leach to play including I believe it still the only a game that’s been based upon a brewery that’s been designed and that is I can’t remember the name of it offhand but they have it set up in the era brewpub taproom and I you can be basically the point is you jump on your opponent said a heads and your opponents are gnomes so hence hopping know I so check them out at one of the the beers I really like from them is there a coffee Stout now I’m I’m a little biased because I’m a coffee’s coffee and coffee Stout kind of guy myself hence I’m opening up Augustino Brewing Company which is good to be a craft coffee and craft beer experience and so it would the stand to reason that I’m really into some of the darker beers and things of that nature and the Tori over there does a really nice job with the with their coffee Stout that they’re doing out there so moving on I you’ve got River city brewing Company and River city does a number of different styles they also have great food there if you find not been there so if you were going to to do a tour of the number breweries in town you definitely want to get either River city Wichita brewing or Augustine oh brewing into your schedule as all three of those are brew pubs that will only serve beer but will serve food and the so you can expect that at all times and not just when a food truck is around so check them out because they do have great food they also have the some a decent barrel program going on and they for cranked up some decent us our beers if you’re into that that’s kind of the rage right now it’ll be interesting CLF long that last but it is the rage at the moment you moving further to the the West you’ve got both Aero Plains brewing Company as well as limestone beer company now interesting fact as to what why are they called limestone beer company and will not limestone brewing Company weather actually was a limestone brewing company that is now closed but I’m guessing it was probably not close at the time they start their planning so I in any case fun little fact for you there and then finally when were trying to find the best local brew pubs in Wichita were to the best thing is to do is to search for best local brew pubs in Wichita or local brew pubs Wichita or breweries Wichita in your Google maps or whatever mapping system you do and your to get a hold nice list of them there are also great apps out there that to help you find area breweries and the that you routed to them so check that out I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s brewing with Augustine of thanks for listening

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