Find the Nearest Brewery in Wichita

Podcast Transcript

Augustino Brewing Craft BeersThanks for tuning in to what’s brewing with Augustino your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and craft food and look behind the curtain occasionally at our process and progress in opening and operating a brewery and coffeehouse in the city of Wichita Kansas at least initially and then we plan to take this model the beyond Wichita so I’ve your listening and you’re interested in the some of the things that were saying in these the podcasts then the feel free to reach out to us and we be happy to I have a conversation with you about what were doing and the how we might be able to work with you to to bring it Augustine of your neighborhood as well so again I’m Augustine Iacopelli and the where I talk about finding the nearest brewery in Wichita speaking of the trying to land at Augustine on your you I and the of finding the nearest brewery is a get on the surface of course it’s a very easy thing in this day and age of the Internet and the smart phones I need to do hit your phone go to your favorite the mapping app for me it’s Google maps I live and die by Google maps fortunately Google maps is not driven me off a bridge yet so were doing good there but to me it all in the you go in there you’re gonna search new to find a number of breweries probably near you I even here in Wichita Kansas for a little bit behind the times in terms of having a lot of breweries we’ve got a lot of room for growth here in the Wichita community but to one of things that I would say to to look at is that when you’re try to find the nearest brewery in Wichita is an end just to the web search or map search for the locations that are near you you then have to look at what is it about those locations that might be attractive for you to go to for your next the coffee or beer for us I you come to an Augustino of brewing if the you may not have people in your party who want beer one of things that I notice a lot of other rough breweries here in Wichita is that somebody shows up in the there big and the craft beer and mayonnaise they want to have as much craft beers they can get their paws on but there dragging along a spouse or another friend that just does not like beer or Lisa say they don’t like their mouth for somebody like me that’s a dagger to my heart but the reality is there are a lot of people who have different pallets and they don’t care for beer the good thing about Augustino is that we have craft beer we also have craft coffee and crafted espresso drinks and were to have craft wine and and the really nice loose coffee but blends that were to be able to a provide to you at Augustine a bring company and we think that this is good to be a fantastic way to provide you with an experience that everybody in your party not just the craft beer guy can enjoy and so we think that that’s what up of real consideration when you’re trying to find the nearest brewery in Wichita don’t just look for oh yeah that once a mile away so let’s go there because not all breweries are created equal here in Wichita that’s for sure if you’re looking for a great pizza and a certain kind of beer you know there’s one place that might be great but if you’re looking for diversity and if you’re looking for a different kind of food than the usual suspects Augustine of brewing companies can be a great selection one of things that we have in house is a certified beer judge and also I got some must certification as the a certified beer server which entails little bit of understanding of both food and beverage shove down the road here and to work on becoming a a certified Cicerone it’s little bit of a mouthful but it’s kind of it’s the beer side of being a small EA for wine and does so I’m I’m looking forward to doing that and an understanding of that piece is really important in terms of going to the next step as it relates to getting into the site industry and IEEE I think for us that’s what we think that were to be bringing special to this market now if that’s not what you’re looking for in your nearest brewery in Wichita that and I were probably not the people you want to come see but we certainly hope when we get open that you will at least consider dropping by and and trying us out at least once because we think that though we can provide some great beverages and just a wonderful experience because the experience is really really important when you’re talking about are trying to find the nearest brewery in Wichita because if you’re going to a brewery in your just taking coffee to go lead that’s one type of brewery that you would want to go to but if you’re looking to stay hang out for a while I enjoy your environment enjoy the experience there’s another place that you can go to one of the things that were priding in terms of our rub brewery is that the were not yelled separating ourselves and our operations away from a your your site we want you to be able to see our bring you we want you to be able to see what were doing and when it’s possible we’d love to have you be a part of our bring with us other certain things that the a insurance actuaries definitely do not want aside to have you do because bring can be a a hazardous process but where we can have you really get more intimate in the a brewing process with as we want to let you have that opportunity and we think that that’s even if were not the nearest brewery in Wichita we think that you will I try to find us over trying to find the nearest brewery in Wichita at Augustine will bring company and so were hoping that the you come out when we open were planning to open late in 2017 so if it’s after late in 2017 looks up because hopefully we are open by that point I as long as the federal government stays open and and doesn’t to shut down due to budgetary issues which could should slow down our process of a getting open but were to get open one way or one way or the other and died there is a chance that we may open for the coffee side of our business before were able to open on the a beer production side of our business but either way we’re about to bring a really cool experience that is worth the drive now hopefully for you we are your nearest brewery but even if were not we might just be worth the passing by that nearest brewery Wichita to drive a little bit further to find us and where were at because you know it’s one part the of the drink the beverage the beer but it’s another part the the people the experience the friendly staff and we think that we are to have that to bring to you at Augustine of brewing company in a way that’s a little bit unique from other brewery so with that I want to thank you for listening check us out on our [email protected] or ride just the check as I want to get our doors open would love to have you and would love you to experience what we have to offer unique to the Wichita bring market Thanks a lot for listening

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