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hello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine oh I am your host Augustine’s Dino Iacopelli I am one of the cofounders of Augustine oh brewing company a brewery coffeehouse and craft food establishment planning to open up later this year that would be 2017 if you’re on the same year that I am were opening up in Wichita Kansas add the we have aspirations for a coming to your community if you’re us in some other part of this country I used to have to be a little more patient with us so today I wanted to get to a topic that we’ve explored in some previous episodes as well which is food and beer pairings one of things that I see a lot of breweries missing and it’s just frankly low hanging fruit for crying out loud it just takes a little bit a work a little bit of effort but then again perhaps it is the fact that I have a little bit of bias I have passed to the Beer Judge certification program exam I’m also a certified beer server in the Cicerone program I am studying in some they will take the actual Cicerone exam I at this time I got my hands full opening up a brewery so we can get that done first but in any case I wanted to touch upon some of the food that pairs great with craft beer setting aside some of our ride general stereotypes such as pizza which everybody fix a pizza and beer that’s great I love pizza and beer too but there is a lot of Pete’s out there and unfortunately not all pizza pairs with beer very well and so will look at the a lot more of a diverse take on food and beer which is kind of along the lines what were really looking at bringing you it Augustine a break something that goes beyond some of the general stereotypes something that provides and provides some options in terms of additional health conscious for those of you are health conscious but at the same time the dishes that we all really like as well when were not being his health conscious so the first hearing that I wanted to highlight was discussing can go in with cheesy and hearty, meat sandwiches you hear about the the pizza in the cheese on a pizza in the fats on the pizza being really great on that side but no one respects when you’re going with a a good well-made sandwich in all honesty that winds up allowing you to have a little bit of additional complexity will still utilizing the beer itself for what it is great for which is the fact that it’s carbonated you want a good carbonated beer to pair in this case because the carbonic acid that’s in the beer helps to lift the fats off your palate keeps it refreshing it doesn’t allow the cheeses to coat your palate in in my opinion they gives you a lot larger of the range of beers that really work with your sandwiches because we have come a bit and not a real small box but the you if you ask somebody what what they put on their pizza everybody’s cutting the same general neighborhood we can go places with sandwiches that pizza just doesn’t go and so that’s why we really like the idea of doing a lot of great sandwiches and ill one of these at think about in terms of the cheeses that you’re putting into sandwiches and trying to pair beers with if you’ve got a stronger complex to use you want to go with a stronger darker beer generally speaking so that’s one of them the next up hearing in the said this would be represented were planning currently on our menu can a chicken and pasta dishes chicken pasta dishes are really nice because they can be they can go from being fairly light in nature and not be too heavy on you to really bold really heavy on your palate generally speaking a midrange is a good place to go food wise on this but in terms a chicken pasta those are kind of lighter flavors generally speaking and so you were rude really want to stick with loggers I I in particular like going with German loggers on this or take it a little bit further and I shoot in the direction of Belgian beers on a great style to go with is actually a Cézanne style beer but also your ride doodles and triples can really be nice with this ID if I was to pick between the two for most chicken pasta dish dishes I would actually go with the triple a rather than the doable just because I think the triple gives more of the lighter flavors that that the apparel a little bit better with a chicken pasta jewelry dish the next thing is I guess we’re in were getting into slightly slightly stereotypical territory here are your kind of French fries or other fried sort of foods I guess this condition include your wings and other fried kind items I yeah you know your cut in the same neighborhood on on these is the chicken of the pastas I would lean toward a hop your type of beer if you’re pairing it with fries you the you want to go with a little bit of happiness but you don’t want it to go too far otherwise it will overwhelms the fries I you want to match the happiness of the beer to the the spiciness of whatever seasonings you’re going with your fries if you have fairly limited seasonings you might almost avoid the IPA category altogether and go with maybe a mild or go with a Amber ale to pair with those of French fries or other fried foods so that’s a another interesting category that could depending on how your spicing the fries I you can go in multiple directions which if you’re kinda thinking about menus and thinking about taking a few items and stretching and making them were work for you you can do that on your spices and have a diverse set of ways that you spice your fried foods in this case and have certain categories of spices pair with certain beers on your menu great idea their next category of course red meats yes certainly were talking about burgers but it doesn’t and their week goes into in a we can carry that into finer cuts of meat darker more bold cuts of meat as well the key here is that it needs to be balanced and it needs to be as bold as the the cut itself and the flavorings that are being applied to the palate on the food side it needs to be matched on the beer side as a general rule of thumb if were looking at these types of beers were going to want to be in the direction of a stout or reporter if we can add some adjuncts and to those that fit in really nicely with the red meat that’s always a great way to go if you’re thinking in terms of both your food and your beer and getting those two things together to best way to be bite you want to at the very least not have a beer that overpowers your red meat nor your red meat that overpowers your beer and I can be a little bit of a challenge to what to do but don’t be overwhelmed about it if you get in the neighborhood you’re pretty good in your way out ahead of most of your competition if you do that finally everybody loves desserts and if you are an owner of a brewpub you love the desert even more because are a great way to add additional profitability to your bottom line I don’t see enough of this going on in brewpubs of where the staff is oriented and well trained to push desserts because desserts man that can really add to your bottom line in a big hurry and so I highly recommend even with desserts having beer pairings with your dessert items I chocolate always a great way to go in with those stouts and in your porters are fantastic to pair with it so I’m Augustine and this is been what’s brewing with Augustine Oak have a great day

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