Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello this is Augustine’s Dino Iacopelli and you have just tune in to what’s brewing with Augustine oh your best source of information on craft beer craft food and craft coffee not necessarily in that order but we talk here a little bit about all of those items as well as the trials and tribulations of opening up a brewery here in the United States in particular in Wichita Kansas where we are planning to open up a little bit later this year somewhere in town location at least at the time of his recording to be determined perhaps we have announced though by the time you’ve heard this recording and you can certainly go and are encouraged to go to Augustine oh [email protected] to check us out and find out more information about our brewery so today today were to kinda take that next step from our last episode in our last episode we talked about beer and food pairings but beer and food pairings are only as good as the staff that you have the staff that you have it makes or breaks your brewpub experience and I have seen so many times where it actually breaks it now locally it’s sometimes hard for me to tell if it is a situation where the staff at the particular brewery knows me and so they treat me a little bit different than they might treat somebody who’s coming in just off the street that they don’t know but one of the things I see missing a lot of the time is the education what sets a brewery apart from just a standard restaurant is the fact that there is beer manufactured on site there is something that you can get at this location that you can’t get anywhere else and so it is so essential so important to get your staff as trained up as humanly possible to serve your beer at its best and to also make sure that your that the stage is set for the upper-level management and executives and really basically it teaches on us how to do a better job at creating experiences creating moments of while for customers and so that really starts at the beginning with how you recruit you have to be recruiting only the best talent and that’s hard to do in order to do that though you have to create a hiring process that as quickly as possible weeds out all the bad candidates of which especially in the hospitality industry there are many many many bad candidates you want to get those all weeded out so that you’re left with the possible good candidates for your brewpub and one of the best ways to do this is to set aside the typical one-on-one interviews don’t ever do that I did start doing a lot of that in my day job currently but you never want to waste your time and you never want to waste your general managers time by making them do all one-on-one interviews with every candidate that walks in the door that’s, novel thing for a lot of people but it makes a lot of sense because I would of probably 340 candidates you really only have one superstar and if you’re trying to create a truly magical a truly excellent experience at your brewery you want those superstars and you want to get to those superstars as quickly as possible and so instead of one-on-one interviews I highly recommend and this is what mentors have told me don’t do one-on-one interviews to group interviews tell everybody skews me to tell everyone to show up at the same time a huge chunk of those people won’t even show up so you’ve already weeded out of a bunch of people show up at the same time every week do these interviews we can week out we can week out and find in those interviews really are not looking for who’s got the skill although if you’ve got somebody who’s got skill that’s good you want to look though for the attitude you want somebody who has a giving heart and giving soul that really wants to be in it because they love the idea of serving others again with the type of clients that you and the type of people who want these type of jobs to interview for these type of jobs in a a service industry that’s a really hard thing to find but it is there and there are those people that truly understanding get it they want to serve others really well because they also often times are the same people that know if I should treat others really well if I look for those moments of while moments where I can impress and go above and beyond the call of duty for those individuals I am going to be successful myself financially and that will that leads into the next thing of once you have these individuals hired you have to create opportunities for those individuals to make far more income than they can make at your competitors and that means you have to find ways to incentivize the heck out of your staff and that probably means you bring them in at a fairly low wage but you have us whole slug of ways in which they can raise that income I I’m not getting expose some of the things that we planted Augustine brewing at this time but we plan to have a multiple number of opportunities for our servers and our other staff members all the way up to our general manager to earn at or well above the industry standard if they hit performance metrics that by doing that you get people pointed in the right direction that if I go well above and beyond what everybody else is doing I’m good to be paid above and beyond what everybody else is being paid now there’s a lot of people that will be turned off by this and they will leave or you will wind up firing them but the right people will be what it it’ll be like at a piece of metal being drawn to a magnet they just get drawn in and so when you create that culture of incentivizing you create that culture of success you will exceed what your customers expectations are and you will exceed your own financial expectations by doing that day in and day out and that means sometimes making painful decisions to have losses to yourself initially in order to make sure that the people that are working for you are well taken care of because if you take care of your best people they will talk to their families and their friends their families and friends will show up because they have pride in their job and they will also the word will spread to other high performers that hey you know what you don’t have to be at this place where you don’t have a culture of success you don’t have a culture of fun you don’t have a culture of service you can come over here and you can get that at the end of the day you can also make the time of money for yourself that’s exactly the environment that were trying to create it Augustine of brewing and that seem to exactly the type of environment that you need to look at creating for your brewery as well I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s brewed with Augustine oh thanks for listening and will catch you back again soon

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