Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and thank you for tuning in to what’s bring with Augustino I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and you have tuned in to what’s bring with Augustino your source for information craft food craft beer and craft coffee and looked behind the curtain at the trials tribulations and sometimes good times and in opening up and running a craft brewery in Wichita Kansas I am a again Augustine Iacopelli and today we are the topic is where should I go for beer in Wichita well I am a little biased on this but I would love to have you drop by and give Augustino brewing company a try when you are able to we are not as the as I am recording the square not open yet we will be opening this year is the plan somewhere in Wichita Kansas at this point but we would love to have you I join us out at Augustine of bring company and check us out because were going to plan to have excellent staff and the frankly were were only going to accept excellence in our staff for if we can’t have an excellent staff the rest quickly falls apart we be more than happy to give our art lesson excellent staff to our area competitors in and let them have those items but I have those individuals but do we really want to make sure that the our staff is is really second nine and and always attentive and always looking out for their customers best interest because hey you are the customer for crying out loud you deserve a good experience in and we want our customers to have an outstanding experience and also enjoy a what is great craft beer which is what we to be providing you at Augustine of bring company it’s not just about craft coffee it’s not just a craft food one apartment provide you with great local craft beer that is going to be exactly what you’re looking for as a in a whether your discerning eye drinker whether just a casual craft beer drinker want to make sure that you have an opportunity to enjoy what we have to offer it Augustine of bring company either way so there are a lot of places that you can go for a beer in Wichita and Augustine was just can be one of several but the we think that the some of the beers that were creating are going to be beers that you can’t get anywhere else and the we think that that’s can be a real reason to choose Augustine up the Augustine of brewing and the the beers that we have over us some of our competitors because everybody makes a decent beer not everybody makes great beer and we’ve got brewers starting with the a brewery that have literally over 40 years of bring experience which way outshines the amount of experience in any of the other breweries here in town and one of our brewers has already made beers that are highly successful at the one of our a other area breweries and and were really excited to have a hymn on our team is also one of our a co-owners at Augustine of bring company and so we got a lot of passion for the beer at Augustine of bring company but we also passion for other beverages that that were also going to have available so that you can feel free to bring your a friend Smaby your spouse so maybe your coworkers that don’t like beer bring and Augustine of bring company as well because were to have more than just great beer and have great food to have great coffee beverages were also good have locally made wine and the tea blends at Augustine of bring company and so there’s could be something for everybody obviously our passion is with our food her with her food in our beer in our coffee but we certainly have some wonderful other opportunities and beverages that the you can have as well so we do think at Augustine of bring company for these reasons and for the fact that we have a great staff that we are the answer to where I where should I go for beer and Wichita made out today because were our doors are opened right now but down the road once we get open we would be honored to have you as a guest at Augustine of bring company in this is my invitation to you if you’ve not gotten an invitation to check us out and the come on by Augustine of bring company were we believe your gonna get the the best beer in Wichita and and it we think it’s where you should go for a beer in Wichita regardless of whether you’re a beer snob your nerd or if you’re just somebody get into the a craft beer industry and it’s still a wonderful place to to go and experience a a comfortable environment and a wonderful opportunity to connect with the servers and the staff and just enjoy yourself and enjoy a little bit of escape from the rest of the the world let us make you dinner let us serve you beer or coffee or whatever it is that they are looking for were here to really serve you and make you feel special and a make you feel great because when you’re feeling special when you’re feeling great it just makes that beer so much better one of things that the I believe in that I’ve heard other people say is you can take the same exact beer and just change the experience in the change your perception of the beer in fact I’ve had beers before that when I have them it wasn’t the best experience that the going on at the time and the beer didn’t taste good it tastes nearly as good as it otherwise would have tasted I’ve had beers before were about like I know this is a good beer but I’m just not feeling it right now and that’s often times he used the the experience that you’re having with you know something else in the environment so that’s one of the things that we see is really important Augustine of bring is that we want to make sure that we have a great environment because of a great environment goes with great beer and a great beer deserves a good environment and a friendly staff to serve it and we believe that we’ve got that and that were putting that together and Augustine of bring company were really hoping that the you believe the same thing as well because what we really want at the end of the day is to be able to provide you with an excellent customer experience Augustine of bring company and excellent beer so like I said earlier on I’m probably a little biased but the if you’re if you were to ask me where should I go for beer in Wichita to tell you wholeheartedly come to Augustine of brewing company when we get open if you want to go somewhere for a beer in Wichita before then there’s a lot of other great options as well and you can hit just hit Google and and search for craft beer in Wichita but the will be open soon and were to make the choice a lot easier for you so thanks for listing I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to what’s bring with Augustino

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