Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and welcome to what’s bring with Augustine your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and craft food I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and were here today to talk about where to go for good beer in Wichita I I’ve got to admit I am a little biased as I am trying to open up Augustino brewing company which should open late 2017 but I would love it if you would come to Augustine of bring company when we open we do believe that we’ve got good beer to bring you and the don’t need to take it from eyes you could take it from 20 years of experience between myself and then another 20 years of experience from another one of our a cofounders of Augustino brewing company and the between them and in between him and between I we have 40 years of experience and actually more than that of brewing and the many many awards were actually in terms of the a brewery opening we are the most awarded brewers in the Wichita area that are opening up a brewery and the very second-place I don’t think even comes close part of its just we been brewing for a long time and so that gives us an opportunity to win a lot more awards but that being said we are definitely going to be a place to go for good beer in Wichita with the so if you are your friends are asking where to go for good beer in Wichita we hope that you’ll love consider coming out to our Augustine of brewing company because we think that the you find what we have to offer as something that’s really special and something new that the your not to get anywhere else and the inequality level it that you’re not to get anywhere else as well there’s a lot of great breweries in Wichita making a lot of good beer but we think that you’re gonna find that at Augustine of bring company you were going to provide you with really a a lot of good beer that doesn’t go so far in crazy off the reservation that the it to be looked at and being too niche pain a lot of people who go out to drink with friends and want to be able to make sure that everybody has something that they can enjoy and it Augustino brewing company everyone will have something that they can enjoy even if they don’t like beer or at least if they don’t like good beer his will or you have some of the a macro beers available at Augustine of bring company because we don’t want people to feel left out but in addition to the beer that we have Roscoe have wine and would have coffee and we can have teas available so even if you’ve got a a spouse or a girlfriend that doesn’t time enjoy craft to craft beer you can still bring along in in in that sense alone it’s worth considering Augustine to bring company for your find as far as good beer in Wichita because you know what if I can find a place that can keep everybody happy on the I’m that much happier and the sword have a lot of great beer ranging from loggers all the way to Imperial stouts at Augustine of bring company and we have many of those the beers it will be brewing I just 11 off beers that if you miss it you missed it and the and we we hope and we welcome you to come out and experience Augustine of bring company and experience the excellent beers that that were going to be a making and so there are a lot of great places that are serving a lot of great beer and we hope that you’ll consider coming out to Augustine of bring company in and enjoying spending his time with her friends and with our staff at Augustine of bring company which are going to make you feel like you are one of the family it’s a important aspect as we’ve been the planning are a brewery for quite a long time amongst our founders we really want to work hard to find the top talent where of that top talent is and were not really interested in wasting time on on people who aren’t did the top talent both on the beer side and on the food side and so from the front of the house the back of the house were considering all of our people as characters on the stage it’s similar to the the concept at the Disney where everybody’s cast member I don’t think we can be quite that Cleese cliché but the people make a difference in the beer believe it or not in fact there the first the interaction that you have with the brand when you come into a brewpub and so we want to make sure that that the that experience is awesome for you and the the experience really helps to define the good beer so when night when you’re looking for where to go for good beer in Wichita we really hope that you’ll at least consider Augustino brewing company as one of your options and to if you do we will certainly do everything in our power to make your experience as good as possible and hopefully the beers that you have are also going to be outstanding beers and a if they’re not all outstanding make sure we do we know about it because we don’t want the any of our customers be paying for beers they don’t really like and that’s no fun and so bring your friends bring your family out to the place that really is where to go for good beer in Wichita when we open late in 2017 and if you’re clamoring for in Augustine of bring location in the future clamber on because we intend to make this more than just one location but many locations to take your friends family and loved ones to at to Augustine of brewing company where you’ll be able to get good beer from light loggers all the way to heavy Imperial stouts we get a little of everything and then the word even have some wonderful beers that you to be able to take home with you in crawlers or crawlers and data we were looking forward to bringing as many people as we can into our ultimate mug club program which can be your opportunity to have access to beers before they’re even available to the general public it also gives you access to private events at Augustino brewing company locations and as if that was enough gives you access to discounts and nobody else gets it unless they are a member of Augustino bring companies ultimate mug club programs we hope you’ll consider that I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to what’s bring with Augustine a which is your source for all things craft beer craft food and craft coffee will hopefully you are to back again soon

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