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hello and welcome back to What’s Brewing with Augustino your source for all things and in craft beer craft coffee and craft food I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are talking about good brewpubs in Wichita there are many good brewpubs in Wichita and were just gonna run right through them but first were to talk about our personal good brewpubs in Wichita coming soon which that is going to be Augustino Brewing Company it’s going to be a craft coffee craft beer craft food experience coming to you fall of 2017 so hope you can come out and check out were to be located just north of Central and Tyler the intersection out there and were to be a strip center there nice beagle sign out front Freda Catch your eye that will have up there later this year and we would love to have you come on in and enjoy our craft beer and you know what if you’ve got a loved one that isn’t as into the craft beer but maybe they like coffee or they like wine or they like tea guess what you have them taken care of as well with a full espresso bar as well as locally mixed looseleaf tea’s available so were can have some really great options for you as as we go forward in terms of drinks as well as in terms of food and so when you’re thinking about good brewpubs in Wichita we hope that once we get open and running that you will think about Augustino Brewing Company is one of those a good brewpubs in Wichita other good brewpubs will if you go up the road from us there’s another great brewpub which is Wichita brewing Company in pizzeria they specialize in woodfired pizzas if you got family member young children with you I you can go there as well it they have a atmosphere that is covered in a lot of copper so I coppers there big guy thing to core wisely go with kind of an industrial feel that seems to be certain the stereotypical way that a lot of breweries go with and that they do quite well quite well there they have a wide diversity of different types of beers that you can get there and so there really is something for everybody on the on the beer side I would say that there wine list is very limited so if you’re into wine your to be a little bit disappointed there and then in addition of their they don’t have anything beyond I believe they may have dripped coffee there and I I think they probably have iced tea available but beyond that they really are are heavily focusing on the beers but if you are into beer they have several different brands and styles that are available there and so there is a very good chance that you will like at least one of them my personal favorite is there V-6 which is also their flagship that has been my nectar for a long time and so I would recommend that one if you’re not as into a hoppy beers you might want to go with their a 502 Amber or of a similar beer that they have on tap that is a little bit less hoppy little bit more ball forward so if you move a little bit more toward the downtown area of Wichita on your search for group good brewpubs in Wichita unifying limestone beer company they are the newest brewery to come on the scene here in Wichita and I’ve only been there once myself since they are that new and can tell you though that there beer is a very very good there are many breweries here in town and many breweries make good beer this one there was a single one that I didn’t think was very good commercial level beer I and unfortunately there are beers that are produced in the city Wichita that I don’t think make that cut but every one of limestone beer companies craft beers were pretty much world-class spot on what you would expect so moving from limestone beer company fairly close by would be Aero Plains brewing Company at Aero Plains brewing is one of the largest systems in the the area they are brought on a 20 barrel system and probably have the nicest taproom of any of the breweries in the area in my opinion they are take on a airplane type of feel to it I and everything about the to core us speaks to that it’s a it’s a nice posh sort of bus space in my opinion and they have nice are the local artwork on the walls side to enjoy and the there are some dartboards and some foosball available there as well so if you’re looking for that kind of an environment that’s a good place to go on the bad side they’re not supposed to have kids in there and so you might be a mistake the kids and sometimes but they’re not supposed to be there because it’s not serving 30% food sales so in any case moving further to the east you get to River city brewing Company River city is an exception to the rule because they are a restaurant they are able to have kids in the a in the building and so we you can bring your kids there they have really developed a decent barrel program over the last handful of years and one of their specialty beers that they release once a year is the Grinch which is a barley wine that is not to be missed in only is available on December 24 each year so check that out in the next brewery that will highlight is third-place brewing company third-place is a fairly new brewery and its unfortunately really easy one to miss because of its location but it is a got to about 68 beers I believe that our entire on tap there at any time they are another real microscale brewery but that there cranking beers out as a as quick as a cannon people are going there and drinking said beers because we all like drinking beer I’m running out of time right now so I’m just can I mention the last ones very briefly central standard eyes right near third-place as his hopping know and those are the other two breweries it in the area and that’s not to say that those are not also good brewpubs in Wichita because they are I’m just misusing my time and running out of time to talk to you about good brewpubs in Wichita we have a lot of them and Augustino Brewing Company is coming this fall to join their ranks so check us out I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this is been What’s Brewing with Augustino thanks for listening

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