Great Styles of Beers Brewed Locally in Wichita

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welcome back to Augustino Brewing your source for information on craft beer craft food and craft coffee I’m your host Augustine Steen oh Iacopelli and today what were to talk about is great styles of beer brewed locally in Wichita and and were going to also get into the service styles Augustino Brewing may be brewing in the future for you and your neighbors so I certainly make the rounds of the area breweries and I try to make it a point both in terms of sort of mystery shopping the future competitors as well as just making it a great excuse to go around drinking beer with the people that I appreciate and enjoy a the fact that that we have such great diversity here in the Wichita market in terms of our craft beers that are brewed recent locally everybody really kinda has their own niche already established and were looking to flow our way into that the world is well here in the coming months at the Augustino Brewing we are still trying to find a location that seems to have been taken forever by it part of that is because we are unwilling to sacrifice on the ideals of what we believe are going to be what you are going to want in terms of craft beer we’ve been listening and talking in speaking with a lot of people including our Augustino Brewing founders as to what they want and where they wanted and in the bigger picture were unwilling to sacrifice a whole lot in order to make that happen and when you do that that means that things just take a little bit longer and were okay with that so anyway let’s talk first about some of my favorite beers and some of the the styles that I think are brewed pretty well here locally in Wichita in an attempt to touch on most of the local breweries I don’t have enough time in this segment to hit everybody but that’s probably a good thing in terms of the growth of the market here in Wichita so me to start with the the guys that really pave the trail for all of us that was Wichita brewing company one of the a great beers it’s so I believe one of their if not their original epic line beer which was produced shortly after they opened called seal team six seal team six the Black IPA brewed at Wichita brewing company and I thank if they do not having cans in the liquor stores they probably will in the near future Wichita brewing Company has in East and West location in the city Wichita so if you’ve not been by their locations check them out and that also why they have occasional events at their production facility on the south side of town so that’s what I like there also their V-6 IT is kind of a standby I to be completely honest I’ve had better IPA by it is the IPA keep coming back to so maybe my action should the a and perhaps to speak louder than my words so next up we go from the place it’s been around the longest of the place it’s been around the shortest in at least in terms of the modern craft breweries Aero Plains brewing just opened off of a Doug Douglas at Handley Street in the Delano district and they have a beer that I think is up really the best Elise that I’ve had of their so far and that’s her Imperial IPA called bingo’s IPA it is very smooth very balanced I’ve heard a lot of people who are not into IPA say they really enjoy it and that’s in a really a hallmark of a good Imperial IPA is to have a great balance between your beer and your hops in that Imperial it’s a lot more balance a lot smoother you wind up getting a little bit of alcohol warmth but not a burn on off of a good Imperial IPA and I think frankly Aero Plains does a a wonderful job with her bingo’s IPA Walnut River Walnut River has a war beard it is an Irish IPA not in Wichita proper but it is available in the liquor stores here in Wichita I it is in my opinion the finest Irish red I’ve tasted I know that they been close to meddling with that beer but have not quite broken through at the a Great American Beer Festival but in my opinion relative to other IPA error I’m sorry not have his relative to your other Irish red beers that I’ve had I feel that war beard is by and by far the the best one that’s out there moving on central standard another great brewery here in Wichita we have their the one I come back to is there cyclogenesis it’s all wild wit is what they call it and with the cyclogenesis it’s probably one of the more approachable beers central standard brewing here in Wichita Kansas is known for their sour and Brett beers and the do a wonderful job with those’s it so if that’s your right your thing and that’s the niche that you like in terms of beers central standard is definitely the place to go for me I’m not that far down that spectrum but the cyclogenesis a very drinkable very nice and wheat beer that just gives you that little pit the piece of wild wild East flavor so I check that out if you have a chance and with the time I have left and wanted to get into a little bit of the styles that Augustino Brewing I may be bringing to the a table that some of which is a little bit of it already in the Wichita market but we think that what we are bringing forth in in these categories is going to be really something special to the Wichita market we get open some of this a few been at Augustine a founder been brought by an Augustine a front founder to one of her events in the past you would’ve had a an opportunity to try a homebrewed version of what we intend to bring to the public in terms of some of these styles and some of this size could be new to you so one of the beers that I think is going to be a flagship beer for us I think it’s could be something real special it it seems to get a fairly wide appeal from those who are big into craft beer as well as those who are newer to craft beer maybe don’t have quite as diverse a pallet is are not brown ale it does the current working a title that we been going with is bad squirrel nut Brownell and yes there is a story behind that name and to beer that was developed by the one of our partners Jeff Finn and it is a fantastic version of an up Brownell so if you like a Newcastle you will really like bad squirrel another one that we are experimenting with currently is a I doubled up this a beer that when done well is an amazing style beer to make and it’s one that the I think we really enjoy making one and the two I think you really enjoy drinking another category that we have been experimenting with and I think we have a lot of really interesting takes on this target be our fruit ales we do want to get into some from flavored beers that those are cut all the rage right now if used beers are gonna be a big thing in 2017 as they were in 2016 a given the fact that we are doing both coffee and beer there are some additional extensions that we can go into with respect to our from flavored beers because as it a coffeehouse we are going to have various syrups stocked now the idea of adding syrups to a beer may seem weird but it it’s not that weird in the bigger picture because there are styles of beer most notably the the style Berliner vice which has Woodruff syrup or other flavored syrups added to it which enhances and alters the flavor of the beer so that consists of at least a few of the things that were looking at it Augustine of brewing and I can assure all of her secrets upcoming you’ll just have to I show up so so thanks for listening to what’s brewing with Augustino will catch you next time

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