History of Craft Coffee

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hello and welcome to what’s bring with Augustine oh your trip into the world of craft beer craft coffee and crafts food now something and it and it’s fairly obvious to me but something that we run into on the show is a fairly heavy bias to the craft beer side of things so wanted to take a moment and in this episode really focus in on some of the history of craft coffee and take a look at that and there’s a article it’s floating around out there that talks about an frames up the modern history of craft coffee into certain waves and kind of the a the first wave of that was just the the general consumption of coffee beginning to grow exponentially week we can think that we as the people have always drank coffee in mass and will coffee certainly been around for many centuries it was were in this this real interesting uptick of very heavy coffee drinking especially care in the United States and so the first wave of coffee is is the growing of coffee consumption very rapidly and then I followed by a the idea of defining and enjoying specialty coffee so we moved from the concept of just drinking coffee because we liked a nice caffeine buzz in the morning to really looking at what was actually going into our cup and so looking at a lot deeper at what makes a great coffee and a how we can make it more special to us and then ill are latest wave of coffee consumption is really looking a lot deeper in turn into where the coffee is coming from and also what can a how it’s being produced in this latest wave is what makes us excited Augustine oh brewing because we really dig the idea of craft production and also pushing the limits of what we define as craft beer and craft coffee and so going back to that the first wave of coffee we really have to look back to the 1800s and in in those times there were very common names household names here in the United States like a Folgers and Maxwell House they would do become the first big entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies in terms of bringing coffee to households across the United States now there’s both good and bad to this first wave of coffee because in some respects I just like with the beer at the coffee movement was not always located with the mindset of being a craft artisan type of beverage in mind it was a matter of getting an a lot of product out to consumers and profiting based upon mass production rather than quality production and a you know you see that a lot of different industries in that time in in one of the things that was developed during this time are a few of things work idea of vacuum packaging and a bad idea vacuum packed packaging was it so much to improve the quality of the coffee was to allow the coffee to last much longer than it was able to previously last the next thing that we have that came in the early 1900s was the idea of instant coffee and instant coffee as you probably know is a form of dehydrating coffee to cut a powder or granular type of substance they you could then just add back into a hot cup of water to create a coffee like beverage and the that was a big thing through the early 1900s even into the middle 1900s at before it really ever started to fizzle a little bit but you can still find quite a lot of I instant coffees out there however these days those instant coffees are oftentimes associated with kind of a lower and brand in a can of the next thing that the came about in this first wave was the in terms of the big player was really a Folgers was a huge huge company it still is today in terms of just mass-producing coffee it and getting it into the hands of people but by doing that it even though part of me would would argue that that’s not necessarily great coffee it got people hooked on the idea of drinking coffee in the morning and for many people myself included drinking it every morning so that takes up us up to conservative is the second wave of coffee in the second wave coffee really started on the backs of the you know the idea of Starbucks and these boutique type of coffee shops coming online and so that pulled people out of their houses and out of production in the home and made coffee into a social experience in terms of how were trying to set up Augustine will bring were trying to re-create that type of experience as well and pony off of both the idea of a brewery in a pub is a third-place and combining that with the idea of a start of a coffee shop also as that third-place and so instead of having a third place for coffee and a fourth place for beer or just having a great brewpub defined a little bit differently as a place that you come in the morning and grab a fine cup of coffee and then you come back after your long day of work and I you could come in for beer and so we’ve got some really great ways to to help pull people in that way and the ill Starbucks really became something that was an incredible movement in the 90s and into the to thousands that really brought that idea of coffee not as a beverage but as an experience and there were several other coffee shop change that kind of came out around the time of Starbucks a such as Caribou coffee and a port city job adjudged Dutch brothers coffee and the coffee BNT leaf is another one and so there were several chains that really helped transition coffee from just being a beverage to a and experience so where does that put us today it puts us in this third wave of coffee and it’s something that so really been talked about since round 2002 and the it it’s characterized by Mike these coffee lovers that are interested in not just the taste of the coffee not just the experience of the coffee but actually the coffee and so what their you know with the new push is us to figure out and to market the actual coffee and where it’s coming for from how would sourced there is now a big push into free trade and the free trade fair trade coffees and really a lot it’s time coffee into social responsibility and this is really something that has been pushed and is in the market that’s behind this is this a growing millennial market that really the don’t they want to have more to their cup than their taste and in the taste of the cup more than the experience of the cup they want to know that that is coming from a responsible place and that the companies that are selling them are not being are not acting in a way that is exploiting the people that they’re buying the coffee from now the head the big question in this article in particular is the idea of is there a fourth wave of coffee coming well at that sort of a dumb question a loaded question asked course is going to be another wave of coffee we may not know what that looks like it’s probably a little bit more of a blending of the first three waves of coffee that we’ve talked about in this episode and it is just going to be at an increased representation of our interest in growing our knowledge and understanding and enjoyment of coffee so thanks for listening and have a great day

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