Live to 100 With Coffee and Beer

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welcome back and today we have, a fun tongue-in-cheek nerdy sort of topic for you called live to 100 with coffee and beer now there was a study done recently on the beer in general as well as the coffee I drank together it is there’s been many many studies that say how awful beer is in many many studies that say how awful coffee is but I have never believed it I’m sure you haven’t either and so here at Augustine brewing we believe that moderation and coffee in moderation and beer lead to a healthy happy life and the again there last year was a study you may have missed that said that one cup of coffee has the ability to offset beer consumption each day so it’s something that if you open up the day I drinking a cup of coffee and then you and the day having the one or two or three beers enough to get you feeling good and having a good time without getting overboard with your consumption because when you get past moderate consumption of alcohol in its true also with coffee then your taxing your liver and other systems in your body a little bit too much and any benefits of trying to offset it is just even worse so anyway there was a study last year that looked at 24,500 cases of liver cancer and what it turned out to discover is that those individuals who consumed about a cup of coffee each day would offset up to three alcohol drinks a day three craft beers and we just love this idea at Augustine of brewing because we are a brewery that pushes full coffee as well as beer so we have both a espresso machine available as well as a full brewhouse seven barrel brewhouse that produces a beer for us so we will have our custom beers on tap that you can’t get in your area liquor store you just have to come on down to Wichita Kansas and enjoy some of the beers here in our family friendly tap room and restaurant so you don’t have to show up and ask for food and be told oh yeah the food trucks could come in a couple hours now you can get your food when you want your food Augustine brewing and not have to wait so we just believe in having a a full-service atmosphere that provides excellent service to our guests and we hope that though when we get our doors open sometime next year you’ll be there to join us for that and enjoy some coffee and enjoy some beer because with little bit coffee in the morning little bit of beer at night at least according to the study you live to 100 and so I might be the healthiest guy on earth and and you can be to if you enjoy craft beer and craft coffee together now again this was just one study but it’s a study on you hang my hat on because just like everybody else out there with research on whatever it is that they care about they have something called a bias toward believing the whatever it is that agrees with their own personal beliefs so in my case hey this works for me I you have to do some your own research on this but the it is important to remember that there are also some very good things that have been discovered in terms of beer drinking as well me we know in this is’s been out there for a long time that moderate amounts of beer each day helps to improve your blood flow helps improve your heart and as long as you’re keeping it the in moderation and not overtaxing your liver well guess what you’re also going to have a much lower chance of having a heart attack and having other awful conditions crop up later in life I saw just the other day we had the running of the New York City marathon and one of the oldest people ever run a marathon finish that race in the 11 ½ hours I believe is what the yeah timeframe was if I could be in my mid-90s mid to late 90s and alive I’ll be happy if I can live and do my mid-90s and finish a marathon I am a really lucky guy and if I can get through that marathon in my mid-90s get to the end and say hey I want to craft beer then I’m really happy this guy in particular didn’t ask for beer he did that he asked for a shot of scotch which he had with the paramedics were making sure that he was our right after finishing the long the marathon race and so it’s another just proof or at least something that will observe and hang our hats on that says that drinking and exercise and just living a healthy lifestyle that does not necessarily take beer of the equation is a wonderful way to live and so don’t let people talk you down from enjoying craft coffees and craft beers that there are some things that I would recommend to be careful of an in and avoid in terms of coffee drinks that are worth thinking about I eat personally and very much a purist I love my single source espresso shots I don’t like to tamper with things too much if I’m not interested in just doing a shot of espresso and would prefer little bit more to be sipping on night I’ll have a nice Americano so will take our our shots dilute them a little bit with water and enjoy that for a for while and and that’s good because if you’re having an espresso or having basically just a basic coffee drink you have a very very few calories involved and so you are getting a little bit of protein and that’s where you get the very few calories that you’ll get in the coffee from however if you’re going with a pure black coffee you have two things going on you have number one very few calories number two you have a it’s a dark beverage and so dark beverages have this kind of strange thing going on called flavonoids it sounds like something out of Simpson’s I know but flavonoids are a class of pigments that have been shown to help improve health and there are available thereof in basically dark beverages they were first talked about in terms red wines however you’re a dark stouts your coffees and other beverages in the category of dark all have them in them and so it they are compounds that are processed by your body and they help with your cardiovascular health and so they have been shown to potentially force again within an overall healthy lifestyle of craft coffee craft beer in well-made food they can help you give yourself a better chance at least of living to 100 will drinking craft coffee and craft beer one thing that I would avoid though in terms of coffee is I would avoid having to many high calorie drinks craft the craft coffee in particular can get very very high calorie when we add all the goodies into that coffee the syrups and the creams in the middle can you know everything that the whipped toppings we throw all of that in there it makes it is wonderful but it also increases the calorie load see you you need to be very careful about that coffee drinks can get very easily very quickly into 400 500 cal per serving and so you want to be cautious about that date actually wind up getting even higher calorie than some beers but given that you taken in moderation you to can increase your odds of living to 100 on craft coffee and craft beer thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you soon

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