Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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thank you for tuning into what’s bring with Augustino your source for craft beer craft coffee and craft food and we look behind the curtain every now and then at the craft beer industry and the kind the things that were doing it Augustine of bring that we think that the you might like just might be interested in Augustine brewing Company is a a brewery and coffeehouse that will be opening in West Wichita later this year this year being 2017 so if you’re in 2018 2019 or beyond we probably are already open and maybe were even think about opening in your neck of the woods and the so we can of are looking forward to bringing you a whole bunch of a wonderful I beers in and also a coffee and also tea and were working to become a your beverage headquarters is, what are our goal is but we also don’t want to ignore the fact that it’s really important to have great food there’s a lot of wonderful breweries in the Wichita lot of a great local brewpubs here in Wichita as well and we just think that there’s not enough time spent on the at the food aspect and so we’re were working try to bring a change to that in and bring is wonderful a drinks but also bring you some wonderful food and I we think the foods can be a wonderful differentiator between us and other local brewpubs in Wichita another thing that the is gonna be interesting in Augustino brewing is that and Augustine bring organ have our ultimate mug club program which is good to be a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy both craft beer and craft coffee all for one price and we think that that’s gonna give you a wonderful opportunity to get out in the not really have much of an excuse not to get out and enjoy and have drinks and coffees and the really just enjoy the local brewpubs in Wichita in the local brewpub experience specifically that Augustine of bring provides for you because you know what we we know that a lot of our customers and can be customers of the other brewpubs in in Wichita and the we just hope that day by having you as a part of our local program our ultimate mug club program that Juergen of places among your favorites of the a local brewpubs in Wichita so when you’re looking for us in oh again we are planning to be here in Wichita opening later 2017 but in the meantime you can find us online at Augustine of brewed a calm and you can also look for our social media on Facebook it’s to Graham and twitter amongst those three were probably most active on Insta Graham but we also I take a peek on Twitter and on the it on its to Graham as well I and so checks out there and we hope that will be considered amongst the some of the local brewpubs and in Wichita that you go to a if you live here in Wichita in if you’re visiting we hope that you come on by and check us out after we open and that you we’ve already been getting calls from my people visiting the area trying to find us so were coming soon later this year and we hope that you will join us when we get our doors open and the we are looking forward to us seeing you then because I one of the things that were going to really pride ourselves on is our service our customer service to our people come in the door my goal is to make sure that our staff is always trained to treat you like you are literally a family member coming in the door and the maybe in some of those families better than that so because he is the thing is your money is the we your in a one of your most prized possessions and the if you’re a considering the guy giving us a little little bit of that your time in a little bit of your a money I want to make sure that you feel welcome and we really want to make you feel like you’re at your home away from home and I think that is really one of the things that entails as a differentiator between local brewpubs in Wichita is how much you feel at home when you walk in the doors because that’s important that’s a part of the what will bring you back again and that’s one of the things that we want to do we want to blow your mind the first time you come through our doors and will to continue to be blowing your mind day after day week after week and year after year so that you keep coming back to us and you keep enjoying us amongst the other local brewpubs in Wichita is so in a one of the best ways to utilize your ultimate mug club program when you are sign up for it that the Augustine of bring companies to come out come to us first I enjoy that first round at Augustine will bring company and grab your appetizer from us and then hey feel free to go on to one of the other local brewpubs in the Wichita and have some of their beers were a were big tent at Augustine of bring company we want to just be part of that team part of that environment of the a craft beer market here in Wichita and you one of the other cool things about our mug club program is that are mug club program I which is something that is very unique among the local brewpubs in Wichita it’s going to also give you some access to some special deals it Augustine of bring company as well as some exclusive events that even amongst our mug club members your unit have to move fast to get access to those events and I we expect that Juergen to come out and you really enjoy some of these exclusive opportunities that were in a plan for you at the Augustine will bring company so we hope that you consider us as the one of your local brewpubs in Wichita of choice and we hope that Augustine will bring company is able to provide you with the kind of environment that you really want from free Wi-Fi and actually a really good Wi-Fi which were working on enough for the space that we choose to having some TVs to look at but not overwhelm you is certainly plenty of places to do that we don’t intend to be a sports bar but we know for those of you do want to come out and have a good beer in and watch the game where to Hassan TVs and you’ll be of the watch that I and you know beyond that we want to just be an environment that you can come to and that Juergen be comfortable in so want to thank you for listening to this episode of what’s bring with Augustino continue to listen to upcoming episodes especially the ones that we start airing after we get our lease signed and I will tell you a lot more about the progress of both good bad and ugly but it’s all in the name of great beer great coffee in the Wichita area and were looking forward to having you at our as our guests thanks for listening and will will hear from you soon

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