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Beer at Augustino Brewinghello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine oh your source for craft beer craft coffee craft food information and the peak occasionally behind the curtain of Augustine of brewing company which is the a brewery and coffeehouse that I along with a handful of others are opening up we intend open up one location Wichita Kansas in the near future later on in 2017 in fact and beyond that were to take that the product and we can expand it to hopefully to your community someday if you’re not living in Wichita and so we are going to talk about local brewpubs in Wichita our current some of the the different things that you can note a different local brewpubs in Wichita how one of the things that the is a differentiator amongst many of the brewpubs currently in Wichita is the atmosphere other certain things that the it’s kind of funny and some things that you you’ll go to each of the different brewpubs and be like as all the same stuff and in some things are very distinctly different across those locations how one of the things that I designwise and in fact one of our other founders in our a founders group I at the Augustine of brewing Company in the things that is set is to how clichéd it is but it seems like there’s always a some either bar and would like or just, wood plank wallcoverings are bar coverings that that you find it just about every single location of a brewery or coffeehouse kind of location and the there’s some truth to that it’s not pure across the board but it sits close it’s close here in the Wichita market at the the local brewpubs in Wichita and then the you also have a tendency to have the open ceiling is and the hard to our ductwork the a the metal ductwork for the HVAC system and that’s that seems to be a pretty cliché thing for a brewer brewpubs in Wichita as well and you know some of those features will probably have is you know at Augustine of brewing Company as well but we do try to carve out a little bit of a different atmosphere one of the things that the somebody in and said in an and I think this probably some truth to this as well in some of my experiences is how the the local brewpubs in Wichita feel like allowed places idea I suppose that there’s some truth to that but there’s been a lot of times where I’ve gone to a local brewpubs and had a much quieter atmosphere now one thing that is true and some of this goes back to the open ceiling kind of design which I think in some respects is overrated is by doing that it becomes a very very loud environment and of an act of chamber environment where sounds are bouncing off one another images, makes things get to where you sometimes feel like you to yell in the some of these environments and you know for some people it’s great and for other people that’s not what they want they want to quieter and more intimate environment where they can actually cure the person across the table from them and that’s what we want to provide it Augustine of brewing Company want to be able to be a packed house and yet at the same time have a be a situation where you can hear the person next to you and is a variety of ways in which we intend to do that and we look forward showing you what those ways are as we get closer to opening so you’ve got that and you can’t ignore the fact that the on the types of beers that are made are another a differentiator amongst the a local brewpubs in Wichita each of the different breweries have us or beers that the kind of bus specializing in you know if you’re at one brewery you might to be going for their coffee Stout although I’ll be honest I think were to be making a far better coffee Stout I and Augustine of brewing Company at least from what I’ve heard from my current feedback on on our beers and then you go to another place you find Sauers and Brett beers that are made there and if you go to another location the focus is oftentimes on high gravity beers and a real push to have big you know big kind of beers big not necessarily in mouth feel the big in terms of alcohol content which you may or may not be a good idea in the bigger picture specially when you have people who are driving home one of the things that were to be focusing on at Augustine of brewing is really the sun to certain extent the interplay between our coffee and beer not so much necessarily making coffee beers but integration of those two worlds is to atmospheres under one roof and we think that that’s good to be a a differentiator along with on the beer side we will probably be doing a little bit more in the longer row than some of our competitors do we know that loggers are kinda underserved in the craft beer market and there’s two reasons for one is just the general bias on some Brewers are against making loggers mainly because they don’t want to make a that they just can’t have the bias in the sense that your first thought sometimes when you think the logger is a American, light American logger and for those of us were into craft beer that’s oftentimes not what we want to be making and does so that I think back some Brewers away from making loggers the other side of it is generally speaking loggers can take much longer to make the nails but they’re worth the effort and so will be making some of those at Augustine of brewing company and we think the one of the nice things about doing that is that will ales are great lockers are often times considered much more drinkable than ales are you can sit down and the coif a an logger a little bit easier than it ale and the snow less complex but it’s just easier drinking and easier cross the pallet ales because of the type of use that for men seven and also because the temperatures are fermented at 10 to have a lot more of Esther characters to them they tend to have the can of fruit characteristics that come across to and intend to be a more complex complicated and sometimes muddied beer whereas loggers can be a cleaner sort of beer I’d beer that just easier to drink easier to pair with the with food items and the and so because of those things we were going to certainly try to have at least one logger that’s a regular on our menu and we may have several others that make appearances a specialty beers so we think that’s gonna help place us among the best local brewpubs in Wichita and and were hoping that you’ll love check us [email protected] that’s where you go to find out more information about us and also could connected to her social social media outlets as well again I am Augustine Iacopelli and you have been listening to what’s bring with Augustine your source for craft beer craft coffee and crafts with aches for listening what’s going on at Augustine of brewing

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