Making of a Best Beer

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hello this is Augustine still Iacopelli again coming to you to discuss what’s brewing with Augustine of today’s topic that I am squeezing in it into a my crew span of time and so we’ll see if this makes it to 10 minutes or not Doug is I’ve got somewhere else to go with people to see so but we wanted to discuss her I wanted to at least discuss the concept of making a Best Beer if it’s something that I’ve discussed with other beer nerds and beer aficionados in the past is what makes those beers that appear in those top lists of best beers that you’ll see you one of the most popular lists is the one that is put out by zymurgy magazine zymurgy is the magazine for home Brewers that is distributed approximately once a month I think they do 10 issues here but one of the issues is a on the best beers in America and it’s a popular vote I guess is the a best way to put it and so what does it take to get on that list is the question that were asking today will be in my mind it takes for key elements to get to the top of that list and these are only some of the elements that the as Augustine O’Brien gets open in Wichita Kansas it’s something that were looking at for at least one of the beers that that we have that will really get to try to get out there and get some serious local regional and then beyond recognition for that’s can be a real key part of our strategy and some of the aspects of doing just that in terms of making great beers and making beers more importantly that get you a lot of hype and hopefully as a result a lot of sales is first and foremost you got to make a good beer if your beer socks it does not matter what else you do it’s never going to get hyped it’s never going to get ranked on these a craft beer lists and you might as well not bother so were assuming that you was a brewer are making a beer that is fantastic to begin with it’s a genuinely good good beer flawless beer that is something that whether I more preferential to Blondel’s are more preferential to dark loggers are more preferable preferential to barley winds or Imperial Stout I’m still gonna come that beards a man that’s amazing it may not be my style but it’s an amazing beer so that’s number one it also is have something about it that’s a different one of the beers that has been for a while a very high ranking if not top ranking beer in America is a beer called Piney the elder from Russian River brewing company I’ll be honest I’ve had plenty before I think it’s a fantastic beer do I think it’s a number one beer in America the number one beer I’ve ever had I don’t think so and may be in all the beer gods are gonna come down and meet for that but the one thing that it does have going for it that I not sure any beer captures quite as well is it is amazing on the hops it’s almost like chewing on pine needles it’s just that Piney effort in effervescent wonderful aroma does come across and I yell for people who are really into that I think plying is a great great beer but the thing of it is I’ve only had ply need elder myself a couple of times and that flavor that profile is memorable it’s memorable because it’s very different from most any other beer that I’ve had in that category and so it’s that different nature a different take on a category that really is something that set you apart in such a beer apart from everybody else thirdly in and maybe this is even the most important is that you get to get your beer into a lot of hands that’s not an easy thing to do because that oftentimes means giving away a lot of beer pushing a lot of beer samples you know if you’ve got a brewpub you got heavy staff trained offer samples I it I realize that means that do you get spillage you got the things like that going on as a result I your be losing a little bit of your profits but you need to offer those samples whenever you Because your eat your beer can never be a hyped beer a can never be a high ranking beer if people haven’t tried it and so that’s the big thing that you need to do their you need to be attending as many different beer events and getting your beer out there as as much as possible I yell it can be really difficult to to get all of these events are so many of them but you need to get out to as many as you can and get that beer into those hands it it’s really really important because ultimately most of these competitions are it that it’s really a popularity vote so the more your known the more people who have had your beer the more likely you are to place on those rankings up another thing that oftentimes gets overlooked though is getting in the hands of influencers people who write beer columns right beer blogs right for beer magazines those are the people you want to figure out how you get your beer to them to taste to enjoy most of them will just drink your beer and not say anything to you after that but if you do that enough and that in enough would be like 100 200 500 times whatever it takes to get into enough hands you’re getting it talked about by many of these columns and your beer even if you’re not distributed in an area that somebody’s finding out about you and your beers can be a sought after beer and so that persons either to try to come over to where you are or to try to do a beer trade with somebody locally but in any case you spread that that hype spread that interest through that and I can do please into the last point that I’m in a talk about which is marketing and hype you have your own hype man you be your own hype man for your beer you be at your own height man but there’s nothing that looks sillier than a person is being a heat in I’ve seen this before somebody who’s been a huge height man for beer that downplayed socks you never want to be that that person so make sure you have in recap a very good beer or beers to begin with they have to have something that is original about them they can still fall under study a category at a style and I think they should to a certain extent but there has to be something special and different and unique about it but something that special different unique and palatable thirdly you in our recap you want to get it in as many hands as possible and that’s the general public and that also be writers whether that’s bloggers whether that’s people writing for beer magazines whether it’s people writing beer books get your beer and his many hands as possible that takes a lot of time that takes a lot of effort and also takes a lot of money but it’s worth the investment and lastly you want to make sure that you’re the your your own best height man you’ve got a be marketing that beer you’ve got to be hyping that beer you make sure that people know even before they have your beer that is the best beer in America in your opinion and if you do that your hype your marketing along with getting into the hands of other people as well is it being a different special beer and it being genuinely good you are going to be making a best beer in America thank you for listening this is than what’s brewed with Augustine oh and we’ll talk again soon

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