Making the Best Wichita Beer Styles

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hello and welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine know your source for information on craft beer craft food craft coffee and the growing brewpub and microbrewery industry I’m your host Augustine Steen oh Iacopelli and today we are going to talk about making the best beer styles that your customers or you if you are the customer are going to want and drink and go crazy over so here and the Wichita Kansas we have a couple of interesting beer trends that are going on and do your beer trends and in your neck of the woods may be a little bit different but here is my perspective on what Wichita Beer styles are the rage right now and we’re I think that means we are going to go in the near future I did have a mini series of podcasts that I put on about a month ago that talked about what my thoughts were on the trends for 2017 this takes that a little bit more in depth on a couple specific styles for us here in Wichita Kansas as opposed to looking at a more broadscale I think it is hard to overlook the fact that one of the things it is becoming very popular in our local market and I do think it’s becoming popular it has been popular nationwide is this growth of the in each of beers that are Belgian in style or souring style that have a lot of characteristics to them those are coming up in terms of at the very least a fad style here in Wichita but they actually been showing a lot of staying power here in our local market that is largely being pushed by local brewery cult Central standard brewing as well as to a lesser degree but not a be that much less served to greet our River city brewing Company both have come up with some really fine sour beers and Belgian beers and the in fact the one award that has been one thus far in the local market trend we tend intend to change it Augustine of brewing but the one award that has been one was actually one for a Belgian style beer now in the case of Augustine of brewing we will likely start a little more simple than that and not go down the path of creating Belgian beers and sour beers at least not regularly we have done a couple of sours even before we’ve opened we had a really great sour beer a sour Porter beer more specifically and that got a lot of praise and in fact did win a medal for us in recent competition but probably not going to stick with sours and Belgians too much unless and this is the important part for a pub in particular were you have beer and food unless we’ve got a great food that we have an menu or what to put on our menu that can appear awesome with a with a sour beer or with Belgian beer and that’s why it is both awesome and scary at same time when you’re going in as a brewpub as opposed to a microbrewery where you don’t have food that you’re relying on as well because people come in and they want those beer pairings which in the Wichita market are is really really lacking at this point I think it is good to get better if it doesn’t get better because of some of our competition it will get better because of us at Augustine of brewing because one of the things that we are making key is making sure that we have all of the food on our menu that is paired with beers that we feel strongly and we’ve got some education on our staff that will go with food in fact we are one of the things that were looking to hire on to our staff is a certified Cicerone at least one and certified Cicerone’s and that program is a program of its similar to smiley a program for wine it is a program that that hit that teaches people how to how to not only operate in the beer industry but also brings in the food service side and really helps with the pairing of beers and foods and helps with really understanding how that the two worlds come together and how operationally you make beer work with food food worker with beer and how you treat that experience for the person enjoying that beer so that’s a little off-topic but the other trends that I see going on here in the Wichita market is the trend toward coffee beers now this something that’s been going on nationally for a little while and it is kind of expanding the beyond where it first started in as a a brewery and coffeehouse Augustine of brewing will certainly be playing around and I coming out with some really novel concepts as they relate to what coffee beers that are not available in other locations here in town and probably not available anywhere regionally maybe a little bit beyond regionally but certainly not in our local market coffee works really really nicely with actually with a lot of peers but it has to be used in a sensible manner that adds balance to the beer as opposed to making the beer overly roast he now doesn’t mean that you’re not putting a lot of coffee into an Imperial Stout that you’re not putting a lot of coffee into a Porter because those already dark beers and in order to have any that coffee come through sometimes get to use a fair amount of it otherwise the coffees can be hidden behind the roasted barley now the roasted barley also gives off its own coffee flavors so you don’t necessarily have to use it in huge amounts but you want to yell make sure that it’s balance is a big thing however an interesting category of beers that are IPAs that are using coffee are starting to come out there are any in the oh local Wichita market and I don’t see Augustine bring necessarily having a regular coffee IPA on the menu there are some challenges with doing it from a financial perspective because hops are expensive and coffee is expensive so coffee IPAs can be a little bit more high-end kind of beers but utilizing a blonde coffee roast has been found to add a lot of really interesting flavors that you wouldn’t necessarily get out of a darker deeper roasted coffee bean and so there are were exploring much wider world in terms the coffee beers as well which is something that ice intend to have Augustine of brewing do as well now if you have any other thoughts on what makes a best beer either in your neck of the woods or if your local lister here in Wichita Kansas let me know you cannot contact us by going to our website which is Augustine oh that’s AUG U ST I and O BR to throw on the ING you’ll still get to us but I give a shout out to talk to us if you have your thoughts if you think I’m just crazy rambling guy on the podcast that’s okay I ramble to create content for a website and content I create so I in our next episode were to talk about what beers may be shouldn’t have craft coffee in them is so stay tuned and have a fantastic day

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