Gig Requests

Are you interested in gig requests live at Augustino Brewing Company?

If the answer is YES! Here's what you need to know:

- We normally only schedule live music on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm.
- We also occasionally schedule for special events, such as our anniversary party in October and New Years Eve.
- We focus on ONLY scheduling local talent in the Wichita and surrounding area. As much as there's great talent everywhere, we want to focus on our local talent. We've also found that local talent tends to draw better for us than out of town talent.
- Our taproom can only seat about 30-40 people at a time, so we can only afford so much pay (usually $100 for a 2 hour gig), but we try to treat our visiting talent like kings and queens when they are here.
- Power is available to plug into, but you will need to provide your own equipment as we are unable to tie your microphones, etc into our audio equipment at the current time.

What we provide

- An off-night for you to play to a more intimate audience.
- Complimentary beverages (alcoholic and N/A) before, during, & after you play (bartender reserves the right to cut off anyone to prevent over consumption).
- Assistance with advertising your gig along with gig posters/etc posted ahead of your event

To facilitate our scheduling, please fill out the form below. Should you fit what we're looking for someone will be in touch with you soon.