A New Wichita Brewing Company on the Block


Updated Transcript Coming… hello and thank you for tuning into what’s brewing with Augustine oh I’m your host Augustine Steen oh Iacopelli and this the show is your back door your behind the curtain look at craft beer craft coffee craft food in the wichita brewing company area as well as the behind the curtain look at what we are doing and what we are planning to do for Augustine oh brewing the a brewery and coffeehouse that we are bringing online this year that’s right 2017 we are working on bringing online where hopefully icing some deals on a location that we been working on for while the better half of the year which has been a real adventure in itself and it turned out after just been really frustrated I looked at the some materials about opening up a brewery or brewpub and the one of the early things that it’s that was you know you should really make sure you realize that you are to be planning for about 6 to 12 months just to find the location so were right in the middle of that to arrange right now it feels like it’s been about double the time but it really has not in terms of seriously looking for property so were due to strike gold at any time in the as soon as we know when we can share that information with you we will as I’d mentioned hey we are in this is the appointed episode we are a new Wichita brewing company on the block here in the Wichita Kansas we do anticipate expanding the hot beyond the oh Wichita market and will bring a different experience to to Wichita and beyond and and a different thought and take different take on the brewpub in the brewery experience and so I want to share a few details about the whereat where were going and what our vision is for Augustine oh brewing first off Wichita Kansas is an amazing and growing beer community it’s really an exciting time to be living here in Wichita Kansas with all the new push for entrepreneurship and the new real lease on life in the Wichita community we are really excited to be a working on bringing something very unique and cool to to the Wichita brewing market here and so first off let me for those of you have not caught previous episodes living just cannot take it back a little bit too well what are our vision behind Augustine of brewing is I wanted to take out of a of friendly lighthearted sort of approach to that the brewing industry in the brewing market and can of blend craft beer and craft coffee and excellent food pairings together under one roof and also make it a genuine family experience with out alienating those who are not into that I maybe a single you don’t have kids or they have for kids and they just are allergic to kids were try to build an experience that he is welcoming to both of those audiences which is in part why were looking to have very separate bar areas and restaurant areas so if you want to go in and get a of your traditional bar public experience were to have that complete with being able to just to look over to your side and you never know when you’ll be seeing Ira brewers or seller Masters working in the brewery which will be fully or near fully exposed for people looking to be able to look over and see where your beer came from they are drinking I think that that is a really important part of the experience I think breweries that either hide or which is not quite as obvious that there breweries even though they use the word brewing in their title I think they’re missing a real opportunity and that was one of the big things that from the get-go in our project we were very insistent upon which is that we wanted to make sure that people were felt a part of the experience a part of the brewing part of the making of this said this food in this coffee that really especially a as a brand that intends to expand it winds up being something that still even if there’s an Augustine to bring in another city those people who go to visit that location will also feel like they are still a part of the experience and that it is still even though it’s not where the company is headquartered that it is still a local experience and it’s still there part of part of it so that’s that sky gives you a little bit of the the a high points other aspects of of what were doing in terms of food we are not completely finalized on that as of yet though we do actually have a draft menu but were not ready to go public with it at the time of this recording by the time you hear it may we arty have it out there and if it’s out there to be on our website which is Augustine Abreu.com if you toss ING at the end you’ll also get there via a redirect but if you go there in the check you may find the menu there by the time of this kind of reaches the feed especially be connected to us on Facebook which delays the a posting of these episodes and so but our intent is to have a lighter fare for the most part because it’s it’s the feedback that we had gone from many of avid brewers out there after avid beer fans out there that they wanted something that allowed them to be able to have a pint or two of beer and having a good meal and not feel like they have to sleep for a few hours to a sleep it all off our of our target is a lot of more health conscious individuals and don’t worry if you’re not that we are going to make sure that your cover to whether that be with some nice juicy thick burgers or you were to fry some some goodies up for you as well that the will be a little bit more decadent if you’re into that but our general flavor is to not be another pizzeria Wichita has a lot of great pizzerias and a lot of great pizza reason that serve beer including one of her competitors here in town and they do a pretty good job on that so were not to do pizza we will probably have some flatbreads available though and I that provides us with a unique experience to to take the concept to a new level and can upscale a little bit which is really kind our goal want to be approachable but but good and the never too pretentious but playing around with a little bit so I that gives you a little bit of our background one of things that we intend to do as we were really focusing on the customer service at a level that I don’t believe has been seen before by too many restaurants here in Wichita and certainly not other breweries and that’s not to knock anybody who’s currently open because you know there’s nothing more fun than going and sitting at a bar in talking it up with the owners of the brewery of the bartenders that are there it’s a really fun experience and for me going around whether it’s to Wichita brewing company hopping no arrow planes brewing company or any of the others here in town i.e. enjoy that experience it it really winds up being my Zen and I think it is for a lot of people to to be able to have that interaction but if you’re not there at the bar sometimes that experience isn’t quite as solid and so we’ve got a lot of little touches most of which I am not going to talk about anytime soon until we open that we had planned to really kind of take the experience to the next level I get a lot of background in both the study of operations at Chick-fil-A as well as the operations at the Walt Disney World resort I’ve got mentors that that have been assisting me and guiding me from both of those companies and it doesn’t take long talking with those individuals to realize that there’s really a lot that is easy to do to up the experience for your guests and will touch upon that in some other episodes but wanted to give you a little bit of background on the Wichita brewing company that is new on the block Augustine of brewing have a great day and enjoy the craft beer market and the growth of craft beer in the Wichita area

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