The Power of Events at Breweries

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hello and welcome back once again to what’s brewing with Augustine know I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are going to talk about the types of events that breweries have in that maybe were to consider and maybe you should consider if you’re either opening or have opened your own brewery or brewpub or just have some great ideas for events as well the reason first why even if you’re a brewpub which tends to not do as many events as more of a taproom that sort of relies on events to bring people in door regularly brewpub still should have events as well in order to consistently bring people in the doors unless you’re literally packing the yeah the the place that you are in throughout your day from open and opening to closing unless you are doing that you have room to work events onto your schedule and come up with ways to attract in customers on off hours off days and there’s a number of ways to do that and where to go over some of the events I’ve seen in some some of our research of other events both locally and not locally that can be very useful for you to consider in the end uses a starting point for events that you would have at your location in some of the the looking route I’ve done this at a few major events that categories that you tend to have one is the come to the brewery get a tour that’s a really common one virtually every brewpub has that available for their clientele second event category that I see happening often times is come enjoy in a meet up at the brewery and go on a tour either to other breweries or to some other event here in Wichita Kansas were big fans of the Wichita state shocker men’s basketball team here and one great event that the I’m surprised there aren’t other breweries already doing this but a great event would be to have a party bus come and pick up your fans that want to go to the game and then bring them back afterward and have a you either a basic ticket price or package price for it I that includes some your food and the trip to the game and back and the that is another great idea to do a third category that I see commonly is the the category of music events Wetherbee bands Weatherby and other forms of live entertainment I’ve I’ve seen other things beyond just the playing music but also to having general food and music type of events that they go on at brewpubs one of the local events have a a brewpub that’s really popular is at central standard brewing which every Sunday has jerked check-in in an free food that’s given out to people who come out to visit with them and they have the reggae music during the day and it works out really well for them that are on a afternoon that normally would be very quiet for a brewery there jampacked and that’s one way you can do it you have to make sure that the finances of still work out for you because if you’re giving away a lot of food and you’re not selling enough beer to make up for the food that you’re giving away than your kinda back where he started so it’s important to still keep your eyes on the economics of the situation but if you can pull off an event where somebody shows up they get something for free for coming out that tends to be a big attractor and that really needs to be at the core of any type of events that you have because these days is so much competition for people’s attention if you’re trying to charge for everything that you bring and even if there’s a cost to you is the owner of the the a brewpub you’ve got a you get a be able to deliver a lot of value because there’s the guy down the street that’s going to deliver a lot of value as well another category of events that I see are events at our activities now this can have a very wide range of seen everything from yoga at the brewery that happens at Aero Plains brewing company here in Wichita Kansas and then also you’ve got also at Aero Plains there’s a fly fishing tying Luer not sure exactly what it is but there’s an event where you’re making the fishing lures and that’s there as well in which is certainly the type of event that surprises me that would be there but it works so other events that I’ve seen are topping don’t brewing company they have a very’s events with board games and card games and then they also do their coloring books adult coloring book days where Ray comes out and comes out with their coloring books and drinks beer and colors pages which to me seems weird and crazy but there’s been a couple of opportunities where I’ve had where I’ve been coloring something and it is a surprisingly big stress relief and I can imagine it being an even bigger stress relief with a beer so that certainly something that we would think about as well it at Augustine of brewing but you also have to think about the timing and when your audience is available and would want to come out for an activity like that and you want it to be at a time that ultimately’s can help your bottom line and help your sales and so those are things that have to be considered as well is so everything from how you’re going to run your tours to what can of events that you’re gonna have these are all really important the thing about doing events in this is the real challenge for a more of a traditional brewpub restaurant is working that into a schedule around the food and around the staffing and everything like it like that and it’s good to require you to really be looking I had of of the game in order to get those events on your schedule you need to be planning to try to sit down and Bookout months in advance on some of these events and also realize that some events are going to fall through them not to work out and you need to be ready to pull in something else on the fly to fit in in order to continue to attract your clientele into your restaurant another really important consideration is with respect to how you get that information out your website is a great vehicle for getting that out Facebook is great vehicle for getting it out but you may want to look even beyond some of those traditional vehicles for getting the message out about what event you have because if people don’t know about your vet you can have the greatest event out there but nobody’s gonna show up so it’s really important for you to consider how you’re also getting the messaging out and one great way to do this is to come up with and really sit down and write up a checklist for how to conduct an event we’ve had a couple of the events in the past four Augustine of brewing for our founders and that we found that with respect to them in and with respect to bring out our friends for a private event like that it still requires a tremendous amount of planning and a tremendous amount of work and you’ve got to get all the pieces to fall in the place are you doing various giveaways are you selling a product are you in on what events are you having who’s responsible for those events these are all things that you need to think about so good luck to you if you have a brewery in your planning to events as well I know we are and I were looking forward to serving you great beer later on this year the year being 2017 as I recorded will talk to you soon thanks

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