Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello I’m Augustine Iacopelli in your listing to what’s bring with Augustine of your source for craft beer craft coffee and craft food and look behind the curtain at the a craft beer industry and the the struggles and the triumphs of opening up a craft brewery in Wichita Kansas which I did the the other cofounders of Augustino bring company intend to do later this year this year being the or 2017 or it’s the the year 3017 if you’re receiving this broadcast from 1000 light years away yet is a joke anyway moving along let’s dive right in to a talk about the best brewpub in Wichita, what do you tend to look for when you’re looking for the best brewpub in Wichita at least the from what I can tell I think it it really boils down to the experience and the sad thing is I think sometimes the experience is even more important than the product and I say that coming from somebody who’s total beer nerd and the also a Beer Judge I literally have a card that says that I am a Beer Judge and it wasn’t a card that I generated anyway you’d like to think that the product is the most important but really the product is only the first part of what lead you to the best brewpub in Wichita it’s really the experience it’s it’s the experience and the events and I see a lot of places that are trying to create that experience here in Wichita and you know what’s great and exciting about it is that is really getting more and more of our local Wichita residents to see that yes in fact there is something to do in Wichita there’s a lot of some things to do in Wichita and it’s exciting to see that the breweries and the coffee houses in Wichita are at the center of this growth in terms of entertainment and in terms of just creating a a wonderful experience for friends family and the just a community place to rally around and that’s what were looking to to provide as well it Augustine of bring company we are to have a short menu we are going to have your coffee beverages in house but we also want to make sure that they were whether or not we have an official event going on or not that were able to be there to provide you with an excellent experience something that you are not to be able to get anywhere else and when it do that were convinced that were to do that by yes working to have occasional events will have the music at our venue when we can it’s not to be in every weekend thing it Augustine of bring company but it will be fairly frequent thing that will have that we believe is good bring people in have art artwork on the walls like a lot of places here locally do yeah we probably will but it’s not gonna be quite the same experience that you might get somewhere else we really want to highlight to younger artisans than I think many of the other breweries in town do and that we think that’s a great way to support the arts especially in our schools which is something that I think is currently underserved amongst the best brewpubs in Wichita one of the things that really sticks out though as well in terms of a differentiator in my mind I that does kinda come back to product in large measure is the need to be nimble and flexible and I and creative in terms of coming out with the new and interesting beers that are well-made but also short-term in nature and things that people come out for to try out in to have their hand at hands-on and I really sort of enjoy a new and unique flavor maybe they’ll like it maybe they won’t like it but it it gives people something to talk about and that’s something to talk about is really behind it and at this at the’s the center of the best brewpub in Wichita and the search for that those who are creating that storyline a bad experience for their customers are the ones that are making bank over and over again and the Augustine of brewing companies gonna be the next entrance into that that type of the market you to be able to come out you have a a quiet atmosphere during the daytime a good place to settle down with real strong Wi-Fi connection where I if you’re part of her ultimate mug club program you can come in and in your first a drink I you’re not have to open your wallet for oh you to be a religious come in in and enjoy the atmosphere and the read a book or work on a laptop are whatever in your to have that available and then were also going to have a little bit of louder events sometimes because of our neighbors won’t have as many as some of our other competitors in the local market but we are to have events that you could come out and bring your family and have have a good time because one of things that the is one resource that we just can’t get more of his time and so because we know that people’s time is their most valuable asset were looking at that when were considering the types of events that we create and the types of things that we have had RF facility we want to was certainly cater to the at the adult crowd that doesn’t have kids but we recognize that many people do have kids especially people who enjoy a lot a craft beer they tended tend to have kids and so were gonna have a variety of events in a variety of activities at Augustine of brewing company that were really looking forward to sharing with you as we move forward and get our doors open will talk a lot more about those events that that you that were to have that day your doctor find anywhere else except Fred Augustine of brewing company and the we think that that’s gonna be a great way to bring people in and to really work our way to carving our niche in at least some people’s minds at the we are the best brewpub in Wichita and the were a looking forward to you coming along with us for the ride for those of you who don’t know well were at in this process were that were probably as I’m recording this within two weeks of the officially settling on location were very close been going back and forth with the attorneys for a while but we are very close to having that settled in and then the it’s can be off to the races in terms of the eye doing what needs to be done to the environment to really help set us on the path to being the best brewpub in Wichita so thanks a lot for listening I am Augustine Iacopelli and I am one of the cofounders of Augustine will bring company which is a brewery and coffeehouse that is coming to Wichita Kansas in late 2017 if I’ve done my math in my head right yes late 2017 is the year that we are in and the so I just ask you to check out our [email protected] and find a little bit more about us and the you know come on out when we open and you can make the judgment for yourself as to whether or not we are the best brewpub in Wichita thanks for listening

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