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Hello and welcome back to What’s Brewing with Augustino, your location for craft beer craft coffee and craft food coming to a location near you on the west side of Wichita Kansas. It’s good to be our first location after 111 episodes I can finally tell that and put it out there. This is our episode 112 and today we are talking about the best coffee shop in Wichita. More specifically wanted to talk about the kind of coffee and beer that the you’re going to be able to find at Augustino Brewing Company when the unique things about our coffee shop which we think is what makes us the best coffee shop in Wichita is the fact that we are doing both manufacturing of craft beer in-house as well as fine coffee drinks in the morning and when we open late this year at the 756 North Tyler Rd.

You can expect to be come in during the morning hours were not exactly sure is I you record this what time we will open in the morning whether it be before the morning at commute to were at the around 9 AM but we will open at some point in the morning hours and be serving you are fresh and unique coffee beverages and the coffee and beer blended drinks and all sorts of other really interesting and unique flavor combinations that you won’t find anywhere else and so because of the uniqueness factor in because of the really interesting in the positive and amazing drinks that that we intend to have at Augustino Brewing Company we really do believe that this is what makes us the best coffee shop in Wichita, especially for those of you who are looking for something different and unique both in terms of an experience as well is in terms of the product line that we have and so we will be bringing in fresh coffee daily and the making that up in-house to us serve you.

We will initially be doing a whole lot of roasting and house because a lot of wonderful roasters here in town that we will be working with but we will be talking with talking about potentially doing some micro roasting in the future so that there is actually some coffee that is roasted in-house longer-term we probably will go to having everything roasted in-house but that may not be until we have a production a location so when you’re looking around for the best coffee shop in Wichita we hope that you will consider us at Augustino Brewing Company because I especially if you are a craft beer and craft coffee fan we know that you’re going to find something that you enjoy. Another interesting aspect of Augustine oh brewing Company is that if you have friends with you that are not coffee or tea drinkers we’ve got beverages for them as well. We have what we get we have the wine list which will be more expect the extensive than any other a brewery or coffeehouse in the Wichita area will also have a beer beverages via our unique craft beer that will not be able to be purchased anywhere else at least not for a while but our location at 756 North Tyler Rd. and at that location we are looking forward to serving you craft coffee we also will maybe not immediately but dive in the near future will bring in local teas that are a blended to perfection for you I will have local wines from some great winemakers in the a Kansas in an Wichita area and will also have some food items.

We haven’t isolated exactly what the menu looks like but you can get up basic understanding of where were going with our menu by a going to our website which is again that’s and if you go there you to find out the kinds of things that we are making for you in our kitchen now we once we get a full kitchen staff in place were to give them a little bit of room to move in the sense that the we let them take some ownership over the menu provided that their ownership over the menu in terms of kitchen management meets both our needs as the Augustino Brewing Company and in our customer base and be something that is replica to replicate double and the can be kept consistent beer after beer and coffee after coffee and food after food item and then are a hope beyond that is to get to a point where what you expect to to get it Augustine of brewing is always something that’s going to peer either with coffee or or with a beer now just because we’ve said hey this food item pairs with this coffee or this food item pairs with this beer you know it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

So I don’t ever feel tied into a suggestion that we have in the perhaps you have a great idea for us as well because we listen to our customers and because we believe in serving our customers in our guests that come in the door we like to listen to you in that I believe is what helps make us the best coffee shop in Wichita and so I hope you will come to visit us and that you will also think the same and think that we are the best coffee shop in Wichita I there are a lot of great coffee shops in Wichita and so we really have our work cut out for us to continue to serve you to continue to provide you with an outstanding customer experience which is what we intend to do every day at Augustine of brewing which we again believe that is simply the best coffee shop in Wichita one of the things that I would suggest though is go around visit our competitors competitors in the a coffee marketed as well is in the beer market and come back and visit us at Augustine of brewing if we surpass their expectations there surpass your expectations please lesson let us know and if we don’t surpass as expert expectations I would love to know about it from you when we do when were open and running and everything like that so one of the things I did want to bring up is that we are not open yet we will be opening in late 2017 so if it’s after late 2017, I guess we are open by that point, but for the time being at some recording this were not open yet but to others and announcement that’s coming out in the very near future about the what were doing in and what were bringing to the Wichita market and I think you to be really excited about it and excited about Augustino Brewing Company and year to be able to get great food great coffee and great beer and that’s what makes us different and special from our competitors think lot for listing I’m Augustine and this is What’s Brewing with Augustino

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