Top Beer Races in America

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hello and thank you for tuning into the Augustine of brewing podcast where we talk about beer and food and coffee and drinking and enjoying life we also talk a little bit about if you are an owner of a rear brewpub or you’re interested in becoming an owner of brewpub we we talk about some of the trials tribulations the fun and the not so fun so I thanks for tuning in and today were to talk about something that the I enjoy it’s it’s sort of a niche that I discovered the really not that long back which is the idea of running and beer and I’ve talked about this up before and another episode but, summarizing IEM was brought into running will but to three years it back and at the time I hated the idea of running and then you know I’ve got as a got into a night I started meeting other runners I realized something pretty amazing hers love to drink not all the elite runners I think sometimes that I shy away from drinking beer but most of the average runners run to drink in the drink to run and so today I wanted to talk about how craft beer has infiltrated the running world and the running world is infiltrated craft beer and it’s something that I know other breweries locally have capitalized in the Augustine of brewing plans to capitalize on it similarly because if you can get people to come together and have a great time when I do it over beer and the runners are very passionate about what they’re doing and they’re also passionate oftentimes about the beer I’d just last night was at a old Chicago which had many many craft beers on on the tap and in bottles as the many of you probably know but we went there after having a fun run for a few miles nice thing is that the that few miles of running burn off about a bout a beer worth of calories now of course those of us who go to these up after a run of events where these drinking involved typically we don’t stop at one we have two or three but in any case the running world in the beer world have really cannot come together I think it’s the same could be said about us cycling and the guilt we intended Augustine of brewing to be somewhat involved in cycling world as well but the runners are where my heart and soul is at these days and that’s definitely what were pushing and promoting so there a lot of craft beer in and beer running races that are out there and I want to take a few minutes to highlight some of the ones that I’ve been to in some the ones that the are still in my bucket list and so you know first when it comes to mind in this really was one of the first true Beer races that I ever ran is the brutal brew which occurs every April and on it is a race that starts in Kansas City Missouri and it ends in Lawrence Kansas winds up being a little over 40 mile race and you can have a a team of up to 10 runners run that race so it might have been a manageable distance it’s an interesting race and the fact that in the sense that you will face some road running you’ll do a lot of off-road running the lake that I ran when I ran this race was started on city roads and wound up on the converted rail track so lots of beer lots of drinking throughout the day it’s one of those races that you have a little bit of logistics because it’s a team race to deal with but in our case we had cakes in the back and we ran our yelp 40 minutes or so of the race and then the got to enjoy beer the rest of the day and there was plenty of beer at the end of the race to sell vertebra is a great one close to home Wichita brewing company has a really marathon as well here in Wichita Kansas and I’ve that is a a team of six and instead of running 43 point whatever miles like brutal brew does it is a certified marathon distance race you could actually run individually as a marathon but at the same time it’s a lot more fun to just run as a beer run with a team of six so that is another option here in Wichita and I believe they are doing it again next year another race that I haven’t been to but it sounds that there’s multiple locations for this it sounds like it might be a fun one to try out at some point in the future is the Great American brewery runs and there’s like you said a number of places where these happen they tend to be a little bit more to the East Coast and sell their smaller events and you really only if three 400 people but the wind up having a beer at the end of course and each is the breweries are each of the locations that they’re doing these at pairs up with a craft brewery and so you have their craft beer at the end of the race which is a great way to end the race and it is one of those things that keeps you motivated as you go through when you know you have great food and you’ve got great beer to look forward to and so it and I that sounds like a blast to me another event that that’s worth the checking out that again I’ve never been to it it sounds very cool in fact I miss this event by this past year by like a week or two and that was the dogfish – 8K you probably if you’re listening to is you probably know of a dogfish head brewery out in Milton Delaware and that buried is an amazing place if you’ve never been there by the way and they have a race out there that you will you you to run run the race and then you’ve got a wonderful after party we’ve got hundreds hacks a couple thousand people who show up to it from what I gather and worship at the end you get a pint that you cannot get to your get to be a get your 60 minute IPA in and other wonderful amenities from the race and it’s one of those that I would love to to have the opportunity to do somewhere in the future because it sounds like a perfect size to race and given the fact that it is a that were talking about the dogfish head I am sure it is an offbeat really cool environment for a race and for a a after party because that’s of course why we run we run to drink great beard great food and be a little bit of a gluttonous without weighing 500 pounds so so that’s another really good one one that is another local one that I’ve run the oh I think a few years now I just outside Wichita Kansas it’s in the El Dorado Kansas which by the 45 minutes or so outside of Wichita they have every New Year’s eve AI resolution run is what that one is called the 5K beer run now a lot of beer runs have beer at the end of the race this has beer stops throughout the race so but every three quarters of a mile or so you have a beer stop we stop you drink it’s really not a full pint of beer to about eight maybe 10 ounces of beer but you put it down at the beer stop and you continue on running that that event can either treat you very very well or very very poorly so in any case if there’s any other great beer races that I’m missing feel free to comment or send me emails and if you have questions always feel free to reach out because here we love talking great beer weather tear and Wichita are weathered somewhere else across the country great food and the gray coffee thanks a lot for listening and have a great day

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