The Top Brewpub in Wichita

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hello I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’re listening to what’s brewing with a Augustine oh where today we are going to talk about the top brewpub in Wichita it may be true that I’m a little bit biased as we are planning to open up Augustine oh brewing company in Wichita Kansas but in my opinion the top brewpub in Wichita is good to be Augustine oh brewing company where we will bring you great coffee great beer great food at Augustine will bring we rise and grind in the morning and we bring cheer and beer throughout the day into the evening hours and we hope that you are excited and want to come out and experience our food our coffee our beer and there are a lot of really exciting things coming to you at Augustine oh brewing company like for example our ultimate mug club program there’s a lot of places that you can find a mug clubs at brewpubs and nothing quite like Augustine oh brewing companies ultimate mug club program this is part of what makes us the top brewpub in Wichita when we open the ultimate mug club program is good to be a program by which you can pay a low monthly fee to become a member and get to drink out of an exclusive mug that is just for you and on top of that you can have one dollar beer or coffees every day of the month your not to find cheaper beer at a brewpub or a brewer brewery then at Augustine oh brewing company which is what makes us the top brewpub in Wichita Augustine oh brewing is going to have an atmosphere that is going to cater to families to people who are friends just out for a night on the town and also for those who are looking for a place to bring in somebody to impress whether that is a special someone or whether it’s a business associate your to be able to find a great spot to take them to it Augustine oh brewing company which is the top brewpub in Wichita so when you’re coming out of Augustine oh brewing company you have options in terms of the experience that you want to give your customers a it give your gut theo with Augustine oh brewing company we have a separate dining area from our bar area and what this gives us is a gives us an opportunity to let you our customers make a decision as to do you want just more casual service in a dining area that is open seating where you can just sit where you want make some new friends meet up with some old friends I you can do that in our bar side that will be open the bar side will be less catering to the kids as well so if you want to keep the kids that they that’s the place to go and that gives you an atmosphere that’s, like a a few other brewpubs already in the area such as central standard brewing and hopping known brewing company places that normally would be only open to 21 and older technically under 21 can go into our bar side but for most for the most part people are going to want to go to that side when they’re looking for just hanging out with friends with family members or with business associates and a casual atmosphere where you just kinda ordering a beer at a time opening up a tab just like you would it a lot of other places the difference is you are to be right there with himAnd Augustine oh brewing company we pride ourselves on great staff and great service to our customers when you come and Augustine will bring company will take your order as quickly as we can and get your first drink order really fast that’s one of the things that frustrates us when we go out to other places is that were oftentimes waiting several minutes to just get our first drink and maybe that’s even after we’ve waited several minutes to get a water to begin drinking drinking at our table as well and so it Augustine oh brewing company we are getting our staff put together so that we can provide excellent service and get you your drinks really fast and that’s part of what makes Augustine oh brewing the top brewpub in Wichita we have extremely good people behind the scenes that are tailoring an experience that is second to none and will be something that you have not experienced before any other brewpubs in the Wichita area and that’s why we believe that we will be the top brewpub in Wichita at Augustine oh brewing company and it is with good reason that we have that belief because at Augustine oh brewing company our staff is going to be well-trained in everything in terms of actually producing the food producing the drinks but also giving you a world-class service experience and so and Augustine oh brewing company were empowering our staff to be able to make the the tougher decisions and believing in the people that we have on staff so that they can serve you in the best way possible and make the decisions so that they’re not always asking the manager when there’s something clearly that you need resolved at your table now we don’t expect that that’s going to be very often and that’s part of the reason why were able to empower our staff to make some of those decisions because it out Augustine oh brewing company where you have the best trained staff around even those staff members who ordered 21 me trained in knowing how to describe a beer even though they don’t know what the taste of that beer may be where is to train individuals on how to describe it in so and Augustine oh brewing company that attribute on its own and being able to train our server just to be able to tell you at your table what that beer what that coffees get a taste like before you have in your hands is part of what makes us the top brewpub in Wichita and we don’t think anybody’s going be able to touch Augustine oh brewing company and the experience a were going to be able to have they may have decent beers they may have decent coffees but they’re not to be able to match the service experience in the excitement that we can provide at Augustine oh brewing company there’s can be a lot of elbowroom we have a lot of space that we have to work with at our location that we’ve selected including a space that the kids can play and so that mom and dad can just get a break that’s one thing that we really wanted to bring it to Augustine oh brewing company so that everybody in the family can have a good time which is oftentimes not possible in many breweries and brewpubs but it Augustine oh brewing company were seeking to be the top brewpub in Wichita and allow for service experiences that are great for all ages not just those over 21 and so it Augustine oh brewing company we’ve got some great ideas and great attributes that are going to make the kids happy and keep the kids occupied a in a way that no one else is able to do currently and we don’t believe anybody’s can be able to touch us so will your drinking your one dollar ultimate mug club beer coffee your kids can be occupied and have a good time to we believe that’s important because the staff and owners of Augustine oh brewing company or family people ourselves and so we want to bring that experience to you as well so thanks for listing I’m Augustine Iacopelli and you’ve been listening to what’s bring with Augustine oh thanks a lot bye.

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