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Welcome back to what’s brewing with Augustine of your source for craft beer craft coffee and craft food. It’s also a nice look behind the curtain during our start up here at Augustino Brewing Company and a we will be a talking little bit about both here in our podcast as well as in our blog about the excitement the trials and tribulations and the successes of Augustino Brewing Company we get ready to open our doors. This episode is about the top coffee shop in Wichita west.

We are a unique craft coffee and craft beer out let at coming to Wichita Kansas on the west side of town and will be the top coffee shop in Wichita west. Our address which is about to be publicly announced to the is 756 North Tyler Rd. that’s on the west side of town at just north of Tyler and Central and so check us out when we open and I feel free to drop on by and peek in and we may be there when you swing by, especially in the weekends as we get into demolition and then build out.

I will talk all about that as we go forward will also talk about some of our ideas on what is gonna make us interesting is special and different from the rest of the pack to make us the top coffee shop in Wichita west. So it’s part of all of what’s going into this on the front and that makes us really feel like we are the top coffee shop in Wichita and you know that’s a tough thing to measure because there’s a lot of great things that make the top coffee shop in Wichita west.

At the end of the day can be something someplace that was morning noon or night you feel like you can come over and hang out at and the you know socialize if you want to socialize or just can spread out and the district relax with whether it’s a a great coffee are great beer or even a glass of wine or mug of tea you can come on over the Augustino Brewing Company and get that we are really beverage experts in a lot of respect is what we want to be seen as and being more than just a coffee shop we want to be your top coffee shop in Wichita.

Feel free to look us up and find out more information about Augustine on brewing Company the top taught the coffee shop in Wichita coming in late 2017 so you listening to this and 2018 hopefully we are open my that point but if you are listening and I the near term in the early 2017 we are not quite yet open we do have our location at 756 North Tyler Rd., however and we feel like we will be the top coffee shop in Wichita which would open and running and operational and you know it’s crazy because I actually really, really like a lot of the top coffee shop in the Wichita west Kansas area, which is why it’s kind of tough for me to even talk about this and be open and honest about my beliefs that the we can be the top coffee shop in the Wichita west.

Moreover, we hope that we are the top coffee shop for the neighbors around us because that’s our real focus is being your neighborhood coffee shop so if you happen to be near 756 North Tyler Rd. If that’s kind of the area that you live in a please check out Augustino Brewing Company we know you have many other places that you go to for your top coffee in Wichita west, but we hope that you’ll us seriously consider Augustino Brewing Company both for our craft coffee as well as our craft beer.

One of the other unique aspects of by Augustino Brewing Company relative to some of our nearby competitors is that we do intend to have a full conventional kitchen and we also intend to serve some food as a result of that. So, a lot of coffee shops in the Wichita area really don’t have much food that you can get you can really just get either Danish or something that gets stuck in the microwave and just reheated as is the case at Starbucks or the you just don’t have any options at all and the Augustino Brewing Company we intend to be able to provide you with some of those options that you come back you have something every time that you can come and enjoy and have a good time with. This will help us become the top coffee shop in Wichita west.

It keeps me up late at night a lot of times but the we if we know that the when you’re looking for where the top coffee shop in Wichita west is we feel strongly that you will look for Augustino Brewing Company because we have great staff were going to also have just a really nice and unique environment the you don’t get from a lot of other places because our intent is to have both a bar side bar side coffeehouse, side of our house as well as a more traditional sitdown casual restaurant side of our house.

We think the by having these two aspects of to our service model we’re to be able to provide you with your unique experience, whether it is that you’re looking for just a casual place to hang out order drink from the bar and just stick around for a while doing work reading books what have you do that and feel comfortable and enjoy your drinks. One of interesting things for that market another reason why we think that when you’re looking for where the top coffee shop in Wichita is you should look for Augustino Brewing Company that we have what we like to call our Ultimate Mug Club and that is a program that allows you to for one monthly price get coffee and beer every day the entire month and it is something that you can set and forget about it and just come in and you never even have to pull out your wallet if you don’t want to and a friendly server will bring you out your beer bring you out the coffee because you’ve already paid for it for one low monthly up price.

So when you’re looking for where the local coffee shop in Wichita, I would hope that you look no further than Augustino Brewing Company because we’re providing you with great product a great price and were going to actually be providing it to you with a room I a very good level of quality and we know we can pull us off because we’ve studied Sylvia other coffee shops and in places here the Wichita area and we’ve noticed some of the things that are looked are missing we’ve also extensively asked many of you some of whom are probably listening to this what you think about what’s missing from coffee shops in the of the Wichita Kansas area and upon compiling some of that information we’ve come to a realization that we want to have something that is very approachable and very easy for people just set and just forget about and just enjoy because what be just nice to come in every day of the month to your neighborhood watering hole and not have to worry at all about pulling out your wallet because it’s already taken care of you’ve already scheduled that time with yourself which we think is really important Augustino Brewing Company and we hope that you do to.

I’m Augustine and this is What’s Brewing with Augustino. Thanks for listening.

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