Using Craft Beer to Make Beertinis

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hello and welcome to what’s brewing with Augustine I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and in this show we had explored the ins and outs of craft beer craft coffee in craft food and then we also talk a little bit about the trials and tribulations of starting a craft brewery and in our case we are opening up the first of God willing a chain of breweries in coffee houses something we see as very missing from the market as it turns out I am not the only person who is a huge fan of Christ craft beer and also huge friend a fan of craft coffee and in a brewery situation that makes a lot of sense because usually breweries can’t attract much of any traffic at 9 AM when the there only serving beer and only known for beer but they certainly can when they are also serving coffee and so that’s the kind of experience that were trying to bring to people here in Wichita Kansas who are seeking that new and innovative brewpub we believe that by having both coffee and food and beer we are going to have, a leg up in terms of what were also able to do in each of those areas that one of the interesting things that has always intrigued me and I’ve always been at the same time turned off from because I’m usually a purist and I don’t like mixing in other things with my beer and other things with my coffees I’m not a latte guy I’m not to yell into all of these the mixed coffee is and things like that my attitude is always been give me an ISA I shot of espresso or an excellent craft beer in I am your best friend for life by the fact is a lot of people to like those type of drinks they love taking a craft beer and mixing it with the other rust spirits and coming up with something that’s a very original drink this also fits in with a move meant in craft beer especially with the younger of millennial’s that kind of the they want to have it their way they don’t want to stick to what’s in rigid boxes and what’s being offered they want a drink that is their own drink and so offering a beer TDs are you beer beer based meat mixed drinks makes a lot of sense to us and I probably does to your breweries well but you need to keep it the from getting too out of hand it it certainly helps to have some of starting points for your beer line up as it relates to making mixed drinks with them so you personally like is that I’m not one who is a huge fan of these but if you want to do something like this here’s a good starting point you want to first select a good mixer spirit and the usually going with either vodka or rum is a good place to start the you can look beyond that I and what you want to do is your Juergen want to put you know about equal parts of your spirits to whatever beer you’re going to use and you pour all of that into a cocktail shaker just like you would for making it most any other mixed drink and then you’re going going to want to add whatever additional flavoring that you’re going to want to put into that beer teeny so you’re in when you’re choosing that you want to chew something in particular that’s going to help enhance the beer elements of that drink and so that’s why a good mixer is anything can a citrusy especially if you’ve got a hop that is in the beer that imparts a little bit of citrus kata citrus flavor to that beer because it’ll be made more subtle by mixing in the the other spirits and so you go ahead and add that in and then you want to mix up through early and then pour it or strain it depending on what you’re putting into the a into the a shaker you’re going to pour it into a chilled glass and then the garnish as you see fit so that’s kind of the basics to creating a beer teeny type of beverage there are some good ideas that have been thrown out there on the Internet in terms of samples of such a beverages like this for example let’s go with the pulling from men’s fitness we have here a winter mai tai in the winter my tie consists of of Allmond syrup at three quarters of an ounce you’re also going to go with the another three quarters of an ounce of fresh lime juice then you are going to add about it ounce of rum a dash of bidders one 12 ounce can of a craft beer choice and then you’re going to add garnish of a lime wedge and so that’s a it winter mai tai at least according to men’s fitness going down this list another interesting one that I had seen was the a very simple one here and that is a black velvet and black velvet what you will do is you’ll take a champagne or a sparkling wine you want to have a chilled and you also want a Guinness Stout chilled and what you’ll want to do is a fillet up about halfway with the a champagne and then you have to slowly fill the remainder with the dark craft beer or Guinness but you want to go really slow if you do it this way because of course the I champagne is highly highly carbonated so if you pour too fast tickets very foamy and so that that would be about black velvet another one here is the apple pie and now the apple pie you probably guess at least a couple of these I one of its can be cinnamon whiskey so you go with one a half ounces that cinnamon whiskey and then you add 12 ounces of apple flavored beer and there are a few good ones out there a lot of them are not that good in my opinion but I you combine those two and you get a apple pie like beverage makes it that makes a beer very aptly very cinnamony and things of that nature so and I will figure give you one more here off this list and I this last one is the Michael Otte or me colada I’m not sure exactly how it is pronounced but the this one consists of a rubbing lime wedges along the rim of the pint glass and then you’re going to add dip it into a mixed up the rent the room that is into a mix of the salt and cayenne pepper you add everything on this list I which is a half an ounce of lime juice two drops of Tabasco sauce two dashes of were shire sauce and then the you are going to finally a topic with the beer and then the you’re going to garnish it with that other lime wedge that you had so that said definitely got a Mexican flair to it in terms that the recipe but that’s another great way to go in terms of certain parts of the country so the reason why we talk about this is because a lot of the recipes that are out there based themselves off of beers that are not necessarily craft beers there a lot of these mixers wind up being sort of throw away beers that go in there but my argument is that craft beers are going to make those type of a beverages that much better and so I a plan to have our brewpub in Wichita be doing beer teeny’s and having some real great signature drinks that were playing around with and we hope that you’ll come and enjoy them with us

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