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Hello and welcome once again to What’s Brewing with Augustino your source for information on craft beer, craft coffee, and craft food. I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today in episode 118 we are talking about visiting brew pubs of Wichita.

There are several brew pubs of Wichita to visit and we’ve talked about them on many of our shows. One of which I would like to highlight, if my microphone will actually stay put, is the one that is I believe is going to be the next opening brew pub of Wichita and that would be Augustino Brewing Company, which is going to be craft beer and craft coffee experience on the northwest side of town, right near Central and Tyler. It’s good to be a brew pub that you can go and grab your craft coffee during the morning and daytime hours and come back and have a great craft beer in the evening. And we know that a lot of you out there, probably about 15 to 20%, of you have craft beer and craft coffee at least once a week and this is going to be your place. We’re looking forward to having you there and we’re looking forward to providing a lot of unique experiences and flavors and items that you can’t get anywhere else here in the Wichita area and we believe beyond the Wichita area.

So that’s tooting my own horn, but beyond Augustino Brewing Company there are many other visiting brew pubs of Wichita. So when you are going out visiting brew pubs of Wichita, you also may want to check out some of the other fine establishments that there are here in town.

First off, you need to make a decision as to what kind of vibe you want and do you want food. Those are a couple of really big things to evaluate it when you are trying to look at visiting brew pubs in Wichita.

Number one there are fewer right now options in terms of brew pubs that have an extensive food menu than have just very basic food or rely on food trucks. The ones that tell you can get both food and beer include Wichita brewing company and River city brewing company currently. The others really don’t have any options as far as food is concerned for the most part in-house. If you look at Central Standard Brewing they do have some very limited food items that they keep in stock all the time, but even they primarily rely on food trucks for their food service.

The other breweries in town are Aero Plains brewing and Hopping Gnome Brewing and Third-Place Brewin. None of those have food available at them. There is one very new entrant to the craft beer scene here in Wichita and this location does have food because it’s a brewery that is attaching itself to an already established restaurant. Technically, they do have food, and this one is Limestone Beer Company.  They make really good beer. In fact, they’re making as good, if not better beer than some of the established larger breweries. There are a very small brewhouse, but they’re cranking out some pretty incredible beer, so if you haven’t had a chance to visit them definitely do when so when you’re going around town visiting brewpubs of Wichita because they are really out-of-the-box cranking out some excellent beer in terms of just overall quality.

So moving along and I talk a little bit more about some of things to think about when you are visiting brewpubs of Wichita is that if you have kids with you you’re not supposed to bring them to many of the brewpubs here in Wichita. Technically, the ones that should not have kids at them here in Wichita are the ones that only serve beer or have a very limited amount of food at them. So in particular, Aero Plains Brewing, Hopping Gnome Brewing and Third-Place Brewing, you cannot have kids with you when you’re visiting those ones. So, for some of you out there listening to this, you’re probably thinking those are exactly the places I want to go to because I don’t want the kids around and that’s great go there. If you do have some kids that are that may be tagging long and you still want to have good food and good drinks the ones that you really are going to have to concentrate on are Limestone Brewing, Wichita Brewing Company, River City Brewing Company and us, when we open, at Augustino Brewing Company.

We will certainly be happy to invite you in whether or not you I have kids one of the nice features about Augustino Brewing Company when you are visiting brewpubs of Wichita is that we will have a separate side of our business that is more of a of a pub side and adult side what we won’t exclude kids from that side of the Ed the business it’s certainly not geared toward having kids over there and so the adults have their cited Augustine old and the families have their side on our casual dining side of the business and so hopefully when you are visiting brewpubs of Wichita beginning in this fall of 2017 you will consider coming out and visiting us at … I’m just blab blabbing on at this point… okay let’s shift gears here. This is the first time in 118 episodes I have found myself without words, so I guess I’ll give myself some credit, but you know if you look at the east and west sides of town, those are, generally speaking, the sides of town where you have breweries that allow kids into your breweries.

The ones that are more to the central business district part of town the old town part of town those are generally establishments that you’re not to be able to bring your kids excepting River City Brewing Company, which definitely you can bring kids into. They have have great food there and I’m going to end this since I’m tripping all over myself and will be back in another episode. Parts of this episode, should make an outtake episode later on, but nonetheless, I am Augustine Iacopelli and this is What’s Brewing with Augustino. Please come on back to another episode in the future.

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