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thanks for tuning into what’s bring with Augustino your source for craft beer craft coffee and craft food I am your host Augustino brewing company cofounder Augustine Iacopelli and today we are going to us discuss Wichita brewpubs with food and, the importance of food with your beer and what do I what you do to come enhance that experience as far as I Augustine of bring company is concerned we were a a brewery and coffeehouse coming to the Wichita Kansas area and I when we open we will open with the craft beer local craft beer made in house and then we will also have the craft coffee drinks signature coffee drinks and then we are going to have food will have a a short but not unsophisticated menu that we think that whether you are a more picky eater or whether you are interested in the exotic food you’ll you’ll feel like you’ve got a place it Augustine of bring company we are on the food side trying to concentrate really tightly on having items that pair very well with our beers and then also that we can the provide to you in terms of just a good culinary experience by keeping our menu short were able to really a turn out the menu items a little bit faster than maybe some other brewpubs can which you know it is important to us not because were trying to rush you out the door it Augustino bring company would love for you to stay for multiple pints and the you take your time with the experience and I drive home safely when you’re able to drive home but for those of you who are like most of us and living in the real world fact is we can just stay around sit around drinking all night most the time we have to get her our food and give her get her beverages and go and we certainly understand that it Augustine of bring company and so that’s why it’s important to provide a great beer experience and a great food experience in the same roof and that’s something that you’re not to get from every brewhouse especially via tap rooms that are a popping up across town which may be there to have a food truck on one day and maybe they’re not on another day and then back and forth and to and fro in hither and Heather and Jan but it Augustine of bring company you can have one consisted experience and that experience is going to be craft food along with craft beer and a consistent menu that you can rely on in fact you take a look at our website right now it Augustine of it will be able to find out a little bit more about some of the beers that were planning to have available at Augustine of brewing company and I we hope that you’ll enjoy those beers that were talking about on that site we are to have a menu that rotates a bit and I one of the things that we intend to do just like with our food side of a beer side of things on our food side of things we are going to have rotating items that the we bring in and out to pair nicely with beers that were making so if are planning to make a certain type of beer and it’s can be a one-off specialty beer working to integrate the essence of that beer into one or more specialty menu items that are also going to be short term items and so it’s a great opportunity for you to have a consistent experience at Augustine will bring company without being overwhelmed by the by so many different offerings organic have some consistency but in order to have some special stuff for you to try as well and we think that that’s gonna be what really helps us out of versus places that maybe they just serve pub mixer maybe they serve popcorn or maybe they just don’t serve anything or orb the end and we expect that by doing what were doing were to get that much more interest and excitement and people wanting to check us out another thing that’s really cool about Augustine of bring company is that if you are a part of our ultimate mug club program which is going to get you great coffee and great beer at time that over the course of a month you can also get some great beer are great food discounts off of the food at all Augustine of bring company which is something that if you go to another brewery that’s relying on either a different restaurant or relying on a food truck should I could be able to get any I discounts on the food and so what we want you to do is want you to come on out and check out Augustine of bring company when we get open and the experience what we have to offer at the and our brewery and how that’s going to meet your needs as a a person is looking for a for brewpubs that have more than just beer but have it the food and have the experience and something that you can really enjoy and hang around for quite a while and the we look forward to the scene you if you have any ideas or suggestions on what you’d love to see in terms of food at Augustine of bring company would love to hear from you were about to bring on are a first the employee here in the coming weeks and I that employees can help the help us with the directing our menu a little bit further bring a little bit of the food side of expertise to match the deer side that we you already really have in place and have quite nicely in place and I were looking forward to that happening and will have a lot more updates as we go forward with respect to that but you know when you’re looking for a Wichita brewpubs with food I were certainly not the only option at Augustine of bring company but we are definitely one of the options that you can look to when you’re looking for that kind of experience so check us out when you can and when we open and a in the meantime will work in opening up you can find out more information about about Augustine to bring company by going to Augustine of and taking a look at our beer page our coffee page or food page and you can find out a little bit more about what people are saying about Augustine of bring company and about to when we are opening in where we are opening so up please the do not to be a stranger and I check is out because we love to have you our staff is ready and waiting soon for you to come in our doors and the just get a really excellent the customer experience so I’m Augustine Iacopelli one of the cofounders of Augustine of bring company is great to hear from to hear feedback and so please provide it as you will see fit and the thanks for listening what’s brewing with Augustino

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