Wichita Brew Pubs to Visit

Hello and welcome to What’s Brewing with Augustino; your source for information on craft beer craft coffee and craft food. I’m your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are to talk about Wichita brew pubs to visit.

While you are traveling in from out of town or whether you are a local the craft beer scene in Wichita Kansas is on the rise and it’s an exciting time to be into a craft beer. As I like to tell people, I was into craft beer before it was cool. I am a homebrewer of 20 years and also working with the another brewer in the area of over 20 years experience to open Augustino Brewing Company, which will be opening up late this year in West Wichita. The exact location will be 756 North Tyler Rd. if you’re looking for it. We aren’t open yet if you’re listening to this on May 4, 2017 when I’m recording it, but stay tuned and check us out because late this year we will be open to the public and were going to be specializing in both craft beer and craft coffee both made in the house. Check us out, especially if you really enjoy both craft beer and craft coffee.

We are definitely one of the Wichita brewpubs to visit when you come in to Wichita or whether you just looking for a place for good food and good beer and good coffee because one of the things it’s really key in the important to our Augustino Brewing Company team is the fact that good beer should be with good food and it should be good food that actually pairs of the beers, unlike what sometimes happens when you are doing beer and when you’re not doing your food. So that’s just a little bit of my diatribe there. That being said there are a lot of really great Wichita brewpubs to visit in the meantime while you are waiting for Augustino Brewing Company open

If you on the East of West side of town, we currently have Wichita brewing Company. They are a place that has woodfired pizzas. They also have other items on their menu, but there certainly known for their pizza above everything else and other good spot to check out. They have got this, industrial chic thing going on and you will see more copper at Wichita brewing company than you’ll see anywhere else so they are certainly among the Wichita brew pubs to visit.

Another brewpub to visit in the downtown area, and actually there are several I’ll go through, but the brew pub that was there before all the rest of us got into the game is River city brewing company and they are in the heart of oldtown, which is a revitalized area in our central business district in Wichita, Kansas. Go there and check out to a lot of great the food on their menu and as well as some pretty incredible beers. They’ve been really experimenting with a lot of items and do some small batch barrel programs, as well. If you would happen to be in town on or near the Christmas Eve, one of the big things for them is that they have their annual release party for the Grinch. The Grinch is a barley wine that they brew every year and then they release it out one day and one day only and then if you miss that day you can’t get again until the following year, so it’s definitely a an event to check out if you have the opportunity and again that’s on Christmas eve every year.

Other breweries that are new to the Wichita area are all also in the downtown area one of which is Hopping Gnome brewery. They are on East Douglas. I don’t have their address handy off the top of my head, but if you look them up they’re a very small brewpub, not very small, but it’s considerably smaller than last two I mentioned in the Wichita area, but they don’t serve food, unlike the previous two I mentioned. However, they have a really great pizza place right next door to them so you can go over grab a pizza and come back over to hopping gnome and the enjoy some beers with that pizza.

Just within walking distance is Central Standard Brewing. If you’re looking for Belgian and sour ales, that’s what they’re certainly the most known for and they do a fantastic job with them and are certainly the those source for those type of the beers. They’re certainly not the only ones who make those beers some of those are also made it other breweries in town, but most people would think of central standard here in Wichita when thinking of sour or Belgian beer, so if that is something you are in to check them out. They do have a very, very short food menu you can look at, but, generally speaking, you probably want to grab a bite to eat before you go the central standard if foods is what you’re looking for, but they do also have some limited the food truck service. Check them out to find out little bit more as to when they will have food trucks available.

We also have a couple of newer breweries even than those two to open. One is third-place brewing company and they are also on Douglas and they are a really, really small place and open on kind of limited hours and believe it’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, possibly Sunday as well. They brew on one of, if not the smallest systems in the Wichita, but that allows you to try some small batch beers. Also new, we have Aero Plains brewing company. Aero Plains is the largest, or tied with Wichita brewing Company, largest brew systems in the immediate Wichita area. They are actually really nicely designed and worth checking out the taproom. it’s really modeled after airplanes and flying and things like that, so if that’s something you’re your interested in definitely check them out. It is another place it does not serve food, so if you’re looking for food you might have to look elsewhere, but they do bring out food trucks when they can.

And then lastly in this just opened and limestone beer company is on North Waco. You want to check them out. They just opened and I can tell you they also brew on a very small system, but they make some fantastic beers from what I’ve had so far.

So those are Wichita brewpubs to visit when you come to Wichita. Go get out there, explore, and have a good time and enjoy the Wichita brewpubs to visit.

I’m Augustine Iacopelli in this is been What’s Brewing with Augustino.

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