Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and welcome to what’s bring with Augustino I am your host Augustine Iacopelli and today we are talking about Wichita brewpubs and there are many Wichita brewpubs already in the area and soon there is is going to be another brewpub here in Wichita Augustino brewing company and the one of the important things about Wichita brewpubs and the one of things that each of us who are in this the Wichita brewpub market that we need to consider is bringing a new and unique experience to the local market and the being something distinct something that stands out in the market and I we think that we’ve got something that is real special it Augustine a bring company especially for those of you who are really in the craft beer and really in the craft coffee were to bring you experience under one roof that is we think going to be in a draw for you and for our neighbors in the nearby community and that’s gonna be our ultimate mug club program it’s gonna be a program by which you will have access to not only excellent beer an excellent coffee but your to have access to it at a wonderfully low price for those of you who are addicts of coffee and addicts of beer were to have something real special where you to be in the have great product and great prices and the so we hope that you’ll join us when we get open later this year this year being the year 2017 we been around for while working on this project but we were fairly confident that we will have our doors finally open by the end of this year and at Augustino brewing we intend to bring you both craft beer in craft coffee and that’s something that the the other Wichita brewpubs simply don’t have and so because this is a unique experience we are hoping that you will come out and visit us at our location either a locations us that the other that specialize on us our Brett beers there are locations that have great to IPAs and the other locations that the specialized more multiyear beers were good have a little bit of everything we’ve for got a new one of our brewers is a pro when it comes to making some excellent loggers and that’s something that’s underserved in the Wichita market how we also have another brewery brewer that are really hit home runs and has a lot of award-winning a darker beers your stouts and your porters he does a remarkable.job at those he being me by the way I Augustine Iacopelli I’ve I won several awards in the both my the porters and my stouts and so we think that were to be able to have a wide diversity of different beers that are to be really fun for you to enjoy and drink and just experience at our location at the Augustino brewing company so when you’re looking around for a Wichita brewpubs I think the experience is really important and I we plan to hire a talented staff at Augustino brewing that will not just be serving you beers are in your coffee really getting into the story of it which for me has always been an important element of the craft beer especially but it’s true of craft coffee as well because what you really need to have is a story that that the brings the brings the actual sensory experience to light and to life as well and so that’s why when I write my beer descriptions whether them whether they be for my beers are for other beers here in Wichita that I’ve written the some of their there a beer descriptions for try to make it a story I try to connect people with that beer because I think that’s really important and that’s one of the things that will encompass what were trying to do it Augustine a brewing company to really bring you in close connection with the type of product that were creating at Augustino brewing and so I highly recommend going around and trying a lot of different local great beer here in the Wichita market at the other Wichita brewpubs and we hope that when we get open later this year you’ll consider coming out and trying the beers at Augustino brewing company and having our beers were our coffee is if if that’s the case and just remember if you are Begin to craft beer but you got friends who are into wine or tea or coffee that we have something for them as well and so there’s no reason to not drag them along with you to Augustine a brewing company because everybody’s gonna get what they want from that experience and your to be able to have some us some time with friends and family there too and I that was really a big part of the passion behind creating Augustino brewing company is to have that the wonderful experience for everybody this unit regardless of what type of beverages they enjoy one of the cool things at Augustine a brewing company as well that we want to bring you as we really want to tie our food choices in with our beverage choices there is not nearly enough of that going on in our opinion in the Wichita market and we want to bring a lot more of that to Wichita so when not when you come to an Augustine a bring company location your to find that the all of the other food items have one or two suggested beers now you may agree or you may terribly disagree with the parent comparing but would have a couple options for you on every item on our menu and the it is our educated opinions on how those items appearing together and so that that’s true of everything from our appetizers all the way to our other beverages that were to have an and food and food items but rather that we can have all the way through our desserts and so were looking forward to the coming out and visiting us as part of your search for Wichita brewpubs because there’s a lot of good things happening in the Wichita brewpub industry and we hope that you are a excited come along for the ride with us stay tuned to the website Augustino and will be keeping you up to date there as to our progress toward opening I you can also stay tuned to these up podcasts because we will be talking here as well about our progress about the things that we’ve got going on and really hopefully getting you excited about what we are and what were going to become so thanks for listening and stay tuned to future episodes of what’s bring with Augustino

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