Finding the Right Brewpub Location

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hello and welcome back to what’s bring with Augustino your source of information on craft beer craft coffee in craft food and occasionally look behind the curtain of Augustine a bring company what were doing and what were trying to be in the Wichita market skews me today we are talking about Wichita brewpubs and it’s Tufted decide today what what we really call is a I’m a Wichita brewpub in general because and there it there are so many different types of experiences you can get and craft beer in the local market that what where do you draw that line between a brewpub and a microbrewery at what level of production do you go one way or the other one of the big differentiators though between what I consider a brewpub versus maybe a microbrewery is whether or not there’s food service and howl diverse that food services we get a lot of places that are cropping up now that are nice small pubs that don’t have food in an unfortunately when you don’t have food you can have kids there now for some people maybe that’s fortunately you can have kids there but in others a lot of you out there that I know what you are like me and our family man and have kids and want to be able to have them along with you when you’re going on and and relaxing and I this is because were going out drinking and driving by will all accept it some because we want the family experience we want that outreach in and in opportunity for relaxation ourselves but we don’t want to do that at the sacrifice of the rest of her family and so we look to those opportunities to have a place that we go to and to complain our time to ourselves along with having time for our spouses and our kids and everything like that and so that’s why of the true brewpub in my mind isn’t just a place that you can go for beer but it’s also place that has food and has more of a full menu and the Elise with Augustine a brewing company that’s what we really intend to do and the one of the things that is going to send his part in this areas that you would have food but were also going to have a a menu that is an inspired menu but also a short menu if you want to just go for a pizza somewhere there’s places that you go for pizza but if you want at a meal that media companies your beer a little bit better a little bit tighter little bit more high and type of food without high-end type of prices Augustine of brewing companies go to your place and you know in terms of being one of Wichita a among the oh Wichita brewpubs are little niche that were trying to create at Augustine a brewing Company is the fact that you can come to Augustino and you can bring your friends who may not like craft beer but the enjoy craft coffee or the enjoy wine or they enjoy tea and everybody’s gonna be happy and that’s the the real niche that we wanted to shoot to up to bridge and share is to have something that can meet everybody’s palette and the have everyone leaving having enjoyed their experience at Augustino bring company for those of you who are just listening to your first episode of it Augustine will bring his opening in late 2017 we are God willing very very close to making an announcement of location were not quite ready which is why can provide more information but if you are just stumbling on us you might want to check out our website which would keep up to [email protected] and you can find out more information about what we have coming down the coming down the pike and the if it’s after we have announced our location you can also be able to find where that location is and the in the future were good have multiple locations so it’s not just to be the one location that were planning and Wichita were to be bringing Augustine owes to other parts of the area and and hopefully beyond the a Wichita area so even if you you even if we’ve announced and I which I bring company isn’t near you and I as a a brewery we’re going to have a Augustine a brewpub near you as well and so you whether you are in the Newton Kansas or whether you are in another part of the country your it in your towns brewpub is coming to you I’ve it’s not already there and that we think that the those of you who really enjoy coffee and really enjoyed beer craft beer local beer are get a be especially ecstatic about Augustine a bring company when we get open because we are going to be a brewery and coffeehouse in and so whether you are in the craft beer you’re in craft coffee were have both of those things for you and the ask the thing that I’m really excited about personally is what we are working on right now is our ultimate mug club in our ultimate mug club is going to be an opportunity for those of us of for our neighbors who were really working hard to provide this for their to have an opportunity to pay one very low price far lower than what most people pay a month for coffee and beer one low price and there to be able to come in and have a beer or a coffee or depending on the membership level one or both if they’d like every day the month for one price and we think that that’s a great opportunity for our neighbors to get a great product at an affordable price and we hope that you’re coming in in your to join her mug club and drink some coffee drinks and beer and the even beyond that your to get to enjoy some of our food items as well as the events that would have on our calendar some of them are to be open for the public and some of them are going to be just exclusively for members and even amongst our members when we have those events a lot of them are gonna be only a very limited number of tickets and so even though we may not charge for those tickets are there and it’s gonna be a very exclusive event that we have for our VIP members of Augustino bring Augustine a brings ultimate mug club so were looking forward to you a joining us and the being a part of this exciting time at it here in Wichita both for Augustine a brewing company as well as the Wichita brewpubs because we’ve got a lot of great breweries here were and have a lot of great more breweries opening in the future and this is the thing that we are looking forward to bringing bringing to you so thanks a lot for listening I’m Augustine Iacopelli and this has been what’s bring with Augustino

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