Coffee shops in Wichita | Party in a Classy Environment

The Augustino Brewing company has been bring beer for a very long time and we want to show you the results of all of our efforts. You’re going to be able to come in and taste all the delicious beer and coffee that we have to offer. Once you see the amazing service and drinks that we have to offer you will be blown by the Augustino Brewing Coffee shop. Augustino is the number one coffee shops in Wichita and we stand head and shoulders above our competition. You will get to experience each and ever unique note that our coffee has because we brew coffee properly and with respect.

Coffee is an important part of our history and our heritage and we recognize that by not burning it. It is such a shame to see other coffee shops in Wichita burn their coffee and call it coffee. Burnt coffee is not coffee at all. Burnt coffee is nasty brown water. The big green monster coffee shops in Wichita are a disgrace to coffee because they are adamant about burning the coffee. Consitency is not the most important part of coffee, the taste and the subtle notes are. When you drink a coffee from Augustino Brewing you will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions as the warm drink trickles down your throat. The Subtle notes of chocolate or fruit or any of earthy tones that coffee can generate from the areas in which it is grown will open your eyes to the wonders of nature.

Coffee is one of the most important drinks in history and the heritage that comes with it should be honored. There are no other coffee shops in town that can measure up to the care in which we brew our coffee or the attention in which we serve our guests with. We have environments for every kind of person to be able to enjoy life in. If you are the kind of person who enjoys the peace and the quiet, then Augustino Brewing has a table set for you to bring a book and read quietly in the mornings. If you are the type of person who enjoys a loud fun time, come on by Augustino Brewing on a Friday night and experience the environment in which so many people have a blast.

You’re going to love coming by the Augustino Brewing company and letting us if we can do for you. You’re going to be there the tasty amazing food that we have to offer in the meeting brings a week in review. Is only so much fun to see what you can do every Friday night or every day the combined amazing drinks. We also offer a membership package that you can drinks at an affordable and convenient rate for sure to ask us about the membership when you come in and drink your first drink for only a dollar. Our drinks are far and above all the other competition in the town we are going to bring you the best in the business.

We want to be a staple in your schedule and we are going to work hard for your repeat business. Call us at 316-721-5554 to schedule a time to come in and experience the best beer or the best coffee in town for only a dollar. You can also go online to Augustino Brewing’s website at and see what we have on our menu so that you can get your food as fast as possible when you come in. We are located on North Tyler Road in Wichita, Kansas and we can wait to do life with you as your favorite coffee shop.

Coffee shops in Wichita | Food and Drink for Everyone

When you come by the Augustino Brewing company you’re going be coming by the number one place in all of Wichita to get signature beer or craft coffee. All of our drinks are going to be brewed in house and by neighboring breweries and you’re going to be able to taste the local flavors that are going to make your taste buds scream with delight. We work hard to make sure that our beer in coffee is the best in town and you are going to be able to taste every single drop of it when you come by. Don’t waste anymore time when you come to a coffee shops in Wichita in order to have the best experience in a coffee shop around. Don’t go anywhere else for coming by the Augustino Brewing today to try out the best rings around.

The Augustino Brewing company is going to bring you drinks are the culmination of several long years of hard work and trial and error. These drinks are going to be tried-and-true and tested with the best taste buds around to make sure that they taste amazing. You’re going to be able to try out everything that we have to offer and everything that we can do here at the Augustino Brewing company when you swing by our shop. Out of all the coffee shops in Wichita we are the best because we not only provide the best food and drink, we also provide the best service. We work hard for your business and we want to earn your repeat business time and time again. Don’t go anywhere else if you’re wanting to try the best.

The Augustino Brewing company stands apart from its competitors by actually trying different flavors and seeing what taste the best. You’re going be able to come by and craft your own drink and might even possibly see that drink on the menu someday. We work so that you don’t have to come in and waste your time and not have something that is amazingly to satisfy your thirst. Out of all the drinks that we serve there is none that are going to be bad. We work hard to make sure everything that we do is going to impress you in every step of the way.

At the Augustino Brewing company we treat coffee with the utmost respect we treat you with the utmost respect. This means that we are going to give coffee the correct amount of time it needs to cook and not a minute over. Unlike the other coffee shops or Aaron Wichita you’re going to be able to taste coffee as it should be taste. This is going to be something that is going to seem strange at first because there other coffee shops in Wichita are going to burn the coffee and it’s just taste bitter and nasty. If you are not the kind of person that likes your coffee black then you might want to come by and give ours a chance. It is okay if you like with a lot of different kinds of sugar and sweetener in it, but definitely try black once.

If this sounds like something that you want to experience and you can come on bye to the best coffee shop in town and try our signature craft coffee or craft beer for just a dollar. This is possible by a variety of different means and we are going to let you call us up and see how we can do it. You can cause it 316-721-5554 to schedule a time to come by. You can also just drop by on our location on N. Tyler Rd. in Wichita. The other option that you can do to see everything that we have to offer is go to our website. Our website is and we have all of our menu items as well as the specials and events that we are hosting soon.