Coffee Shops Wichita | Surf a wave into augustino

They say that Seattle has the best coffee shops around. Whoever says it’s wrong. They’ve never been down to Wichita and tried Augustino Brewing. Augustino Brewing was a Seattle like coffee shop that rejoices in craft brewing but isn’t on the coasts. So you don’t need to hop on a plane and fly halfway across the United States to try the best coffee around. Augustino Brewing brings that genuine coffee to your hometown. It’s really the best coffee shops Wichita has to offer.

You can be blown away with the quality of coffee and beer that this shop is going to bring you. The staff is super friendly, always smiling and happy to talk with you about all the intricacies of coffee. They don’t just do coffee, no they do beer too. So if you are looking for the absolute top-of-the-line coffee in town, look no further. Augustino Brewing was founded in 2015 and since then they have taken over the coffee market in Wichita. They’re going to offer you the awesome service that they have come to be known for. So don’t try any other shop, this is a place for you to be.

The first thing I got a bring up as the beer. This beer is delicious it is so full-bodied and Hardy that I feel like a Viking taking a trip on a ship over the ocean. The waves crashing all around me but I am strong and confident with my handy mug in hand. That’s how you will feel when you try our beer. If you don’t I could be wrong, but when the battle cry hits you and you want to charge into the hall waving a battle ax around don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because the beer is so rich and tasty and earthy that you are sure to enjoy it. But please leave the axe at home. Or at least take it to the other coffee shops Wichita has.

Putting the Viking analogies aside I want to talk to about the coffee. This coffee is so tasty that it feels like it was picked this morning directly from the mountains of Peru. It will fill you such sense of adventure, that you might feel like an archaeologist digging up the ruins of an ancient city. Or at least it might start your mind thinking about starting a new hobby. Regardless of how you feel about coffee, whether you’re a diehard coffee snob, or a newbie whetting your whistle this is the place to check. You’re going to love this coffee, I am sure of it.

Coffee Shops Wichita | The Monster in the closet

Oh no you have a monster in your closet. This is not a good thing, but you’re not strong enough or brave enough to face it. You need something as can give you liquid courage. If you’re out and about you looking for something to spice up your evening, look no further. You need a good coffee or beer to give you what you are looking for. You can drive around town all day and check out all the coffee shops Wichita has, or you can go to the only one that really matters. And that only is Augustino Brewing company.

They got everything that you can imagine to test your strength or courage. Maybe just one experiment, they’ve got the thing for you. Or if you’re feeling brave and want to try something awesome, they have the thing for you to. The mental capacity or any get when you open up your mind to craft brewing is going to make you seem so much smarter than your friends. They’re going to bow down in all of your newfound hobby. Well at the very least they might join you for a drink. And if they do you can show him how delicious this coffee is.

Alongside the coffee, they also have the best beer selections in town. They actually mix the two in order to create new bold flavors. If you’re the kind of guy that likes to have a coffee named after him, they might just makes your idea up to make it the new house special. If you want to talk shop and chitchat about the weather, or you want to figure out the intricacies of craft brewing our staff is more than happy to talk with you. There are always friendly and smiling and ready to answer any questions you have. So swing on by and check out the best coffee shops Wichita.

Now I have just the thing for you. If you’re looking to save money, have fun, and grow in your knowledge of craft brewing, Augustino Brewing has just the thing for you. They offer a mug club. His ultimate mug club is going to give you incredible deals, incredible coffees, and incredible prizes at an insanely inexpensive price. For only $25 a month you can be an enthusiast is when he get you all sorts of great deals. If you just a supporter, that’s okay you are still going to get a free beer a week. But the best deals really, when you get a better package. The top-of-the-line as a connoisseur can get all sorts of discounts and offers and free beer. And you’re going to get access to exclusive events and tastings. There really is no better option.

When you go around the coffee shops Wichita, and you are unsatisfied at the end of the day, don’t say I didn’t tell you. Swing on by and try us out. Or if you learn a bit more about us, that’s fine too. Go on our website which is and see exactly what we have to offer you. Because only the best is what we can bring to the table. Like our slogan says you can always drink, but at Augustino Brewing company you can drink smart.

The long and short of it is that out of all the coffee shops Wichita brings to the table, Augustino Brewing is the best one for you. They have such a diverse staff and food selection and drink selection that whatever you’re feeling you’ll be satisfied. So come on by and check us out. Or if you’re feeling lazy just hop online. That website is They also offer a mug club which is sure to pique your interest.