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Kraft brewery and coffee house guest who are passionate about we understand good drinks and good company make the world go around and makes people happy and that’s what they want and they ask where are Wittstock coffee shops. Where Are Wichita Coffee Shops
There’s one company they want the ambiance that we provide. So next time you hear someone say where are we. Chuck coffeeshops Tom Augustinus. That’s where they’re going to want to be. That’s a coffee that’s the beer. That’s the company. That’s the great food that you’re going to want to be around for a long time. It’s very exciting to us to be the company that provides that. And we will ask the question of where are Wichita coffee shops. We are the sole answer and that really fires us up makes us very excited to be part of this city and part of this great great company.
And that offer so if you want to become part of a company Sarik rep let us know fill out an application on line contact us through our Web site Argosy number dot com. Talk to you about what you can provide our customer services and we are the greatest company in the world. We firmly believe that because we put in the work we put in the hours and time to make sure that all of your needs have been. Taken care of before we open shop opened up for 2017. We hope that all of your needs are met before we open. We hope that all your questions have an answer to falls that answer on Facebook Twitter or figure out what we’re doing. Figure out what we think is late and great. We would love to work with you in the future. Augustine knows. Where Are Wichita Coffee Shops
If you’re looking for local coffee shops in which to look no further than obviously you know brewing. We take great pride in our craft beer and our craft coffee and our delicious food. If you have any questions about what we are who we are where we come from and how we’re going to do what we do look of our guests you know brew dotcom check out our Web site check out the options we have on there. Check out what we think. Check out what we do. Check out how we do it. Where your one stop shop for local coffee shops in Wichita and other local coffee shops in Wichita do what we do because we combine beer with with coffee and food. Really want to kind of experience where you can you can your family friends and. And experience life. So if you want to follow us on Facebook Twitter and we appreciate that you keep up we’re doing with that progress. Right now I plan on opening the fall of 17. If you’d like to join our team and contact us. We’re looking for life will they get careers Busters cleaner and clean their servers. Hostess has all sorts of people that we need qualified people who can help us beat the other local coffee shops in Wichita with our supreme service and customer loyalty. We plan on providing the best food the best service and the best quality experience in which area. And that’s how we plan on being a local coffee shop sandwich shop because of our quality and our. Our attention to detail.
So if you have questions go ahead and go to our Web site Agustina dot com. Get your free 1 dollar gift certificate. You only pay one dollar. You get a drink a beer or a coffee. There’s a great deal. Pretty rare for a company to do that especially one that hasn’t been opened yet. We’re looking to help you guys out. We’re looking to brand new customers and set us apart from their local coffee shops in which to $1 coffee great deal. Where Are Wichita Coffee Shops
I mean it’s interesting to you let us know and I would love to talk to you and have you join our Agostino family wants to see if I would take that seriously I I had the wall of awesomeness for people who helped us along the way. We love a lot because they help us achieve our dreams. If you want to check out our podcast we have some pretty sweet podcast on which we talked about live talking about.
Everything truly. We’re very proud of is our podcast. And you can begin to understand why we do what we do how we do it and check out our August you know brewing podcast on iTunes. It’s FREE. It’s pretty great. You can also check out our team online who we are our Karen Fingolfin and Bianca Capelli. And you know Capelli couple a couple married people were just trying to start start. Sort of beautiful spring company. So this is interesting. We are very educated people who. Who learned a lot about food and learn a lot about life and our time here on Earth. So our journey is your destination. That means we burn the beer. We do our kind of stuff and you get to enjoy the work that we have put forth. So if you have any questions please give us a call today. Enjoy our beer and enjoy our company and enjoy. Our friendship. When you come to August know I’m brewing. I was 15 we are planning opening fault doesn’t 17. If something were something you’d like to go please visit us today. Please visit us when we open please hyssop on Twitter Instagram Facebook let us know what you’re thinking. Who you are and whether or not what kind of beer you want to see whether or not you’re planning on coming to us. What kind of beer you want to. Have. Oh yes. So please let us know where you’re thinking what kind of beer you like best and how we can help you reach your goals how we can best meet your needs.