Another day, another video with Nathan breaking down a cocktail. This time we’ve got the Heartbreaker cocktail (yes, named after the Led Zeppelin song) created by our very own Georgia Minter.

YouTube Transcription:

We’re doing it’s just all right I was going everyone might see a burning company here doing another cocktail today after they were doing the heartbreaker. this is a drink made by one of our bartenders Georgia and I’m super happy with how it came out. this was starting with a dash of these aspects choco bitters we’ve got half an ounce of our house-made vanilla syrup coming up after that nice we’ve got some broth of Menza so Brock Pimenta is a an Italian bitter liqueur that’s got some menthol it’s gonna be a little bit almost minty although not quite a menthol not actually a mix but to that I was a grapefruit juice trust me it works I mean it’s not weird and then two ounces of good stuffs and Gordon’s London Dry Gin spill it everywhere because that’s how you properly for drinks any serving this one up level strain it and last but not least we’re gonna garnish with a mint so whenever you’re using fresh herbs like mint or rosemary or thyme the cocktail you’re garnishing with it you’re gonna want to give it a quick slap it’s gonna release all the essential oils in there that make it smell like what it does and there you go I don’t know if I can actually see it on there but I’ll find out this one is really interesting and herbal and fruity a little bit bitter that the bitters and the Branca actually really help kind of tone back will would be almost an  overly sweet drink this by being a grapefruit drink a lot myself alone with sour it’s a very wintry drink because of the vanilla the chocolate and everything else is going on with it really nice try not nice time you come in and we’ll see you next time.