We are very excited to be able to offer an Augustino Brewing 16” Round Tin Tacker as our newest merchandise collectible item. The Augustino Brewing 16” Round Tin Tacker is available for purchase from both our online store and at the brewery.

Beer tackers have been around as long as commercial beer in the United States as marketing materials for breweries. Originally, you would see these more frequently painted on wood. However, the dawn of the industrial age led to easier to mass produce metal products. This led to the shift from wooden beer tackers to those mass produced on aluminum.

There are many individuals across the United States who are avid collectors of beer tackers, such as our 16” round tin tacker. In fact, there is even a large collectables society for collecting beer related items. This organization is called the Brewery Collectables Club of America. The BCCA was founded in 1970 and has grown into a large organization of people who collect beer cans pint glasses and even tin tackers from breweries. This organization has chapters all around the country and even hosts annual conventions.

If you have ever thought about starting to collect brewery merchandise, such as our Augustino Brewing 16” round tin tacker, we would love to help you get started. All you need to do is order this item from our online store or the next time you come into the brewery. You can also select from any of a number of other great collectible items. We also sell pint glasses, T-shirts, and hats, among other items that many beer aficionados like collecting.

Please stay tuned as we add additional items to our store in the coming months. We have additional glassware, mugs, and even beanies and additional tin tackers, like our 16” Round Tin Tacker, we want to add to our collection of things you can pick up when you visit us.