We’re excited to announce that after 4 years at our current location, we are moving! We cannot announce anything yet as we are looking at multiple locations, but we hope to have a deal soon. Here’s what we’re looking for in a new location:

  1. More seating! Our current taproom was way undersized for what we really need, especially on weekends. We’re looking for a much more open floorplan so people can spread out a little more.
  2. More beer taps! Our current cold room was WAY undersized for even having the 12 taps we had. We’re looking for a space that has PLENTY of cooler space so that we can keep even more beers on tap for you!
  3. Better patio! While patios aren’t always great during certain times of the year, we know that many of you want to sit outside when given the chance and the weather is pleasant. We are looking for not just a larger patio, but also one that blocks the sun during the late afternoon and evening; something that we have not had with our current location.
  4. Better space for Live Music! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know many talented local artists over the past couple years. It’s incredible what talent we have in the Wichita area. We’re hoping to get a space that better accommodates our musicians performances and possibly one that will allow us to bring in full bands easier.
  5. Later hours! Especially on weekends during the summer, we’ve closed a little earlier than we’ve liked. We’re hoping to find a space that we can attract a later evening crowd with a kitchen that is open until close.

We look forward to being able to announce a new location as soon as possible and will let you know when we are able to.