We’re excited to announce that our Belgian dubbel style beer, Dubbeled Down Belgian Ale, is back on tap. If you’re not familiar with what a Belgian-style Dubbel is, craftbeer.com offers a description. “The Belgian-style dubbel ranges from Brown to very dark in color. They have a malty sweetness and can have cocoa and caramel aromas and flavors.”

These types of beers generally do not have over the top bitterness, so they’re a great type of beer for fans that are not into high hopped beers. Furthermore, most of the flavor profile in complexity comes from the special yeast that generates fruity esters such as banana and other darker fruit flavors. Dubbeled Down Belgian Ale is certainly no exception to this rule.

You can check this beer out on our current craft beer menu along with other beers that we currently have on tap. Dubbeled Down Belgian Ale is 7.1% ABV making it a little bit of a higher alcohol beer then some drinkers may be used to. However, this is a great sipping beer, especially after dinner.

Our Dubbeled Down Belgian Ale includes pale, pilsner, a special Abbey-style, wheat, and special B malts. A simple single hop addition at 60 minutes with Perl hops provides just enough bitterness to tame what is otherwise a malty-sweet ale.

We have scaled the Dubbeled Down Belgian Ale recipe down to a 5 gallon batch in the event that you may want to try to make your own version of this beer. We would love to hear from you if you brew your own version of it, so make sure that you hit the contact us and let us know that you made the beer as well!

Just like last year when we had it on tap, Dubbeled Down Belgian ale is a seasonal beer for us and will be gone soon, so make sure you come in and try this beer out before it’s gone until next year.