Kanaka Kau Blonde Ale Homebrew Recipe

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Craft Beer Wichita

Adapted from recipe used at Augustino Brewing to 5gal recipe. Be aware your homebrew system may vary and you may need to adjust this recipe to adapt.


Hops Bill:
0.29oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (4.7%AA) – 60min
0.43oz German Tradition (5.0%AA) – 60min (FWH)
0.50oz Galena (11.7%AA) – 60min
0.72oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (3.7%A) -15min
1.15oz Saaz (3.7%AA) – 5min

1lb 13.2oz Aromatic Malt
8lb 5.2oz Pale (2-row) Malt

Yellow Balance Profile (Bru’n Water)

WLP-001 – California Ale Yeast

Brew Steps:
– Mash In 28.69qt water @ 157.2F – Step Temperature 152.0F for 60min
– Fly Sparge w/ 15.07gal @ 168F
– Est pre boil gravity: 1.039
– 60 Min Boil
– Est post boil gravity: 1.055
– Ferment @ 68F for 10-14 days
– Crash to @ 35F for 3 days
– Filter (if available), Carbonate, & Package