Udder Darkness Imperial Black Ale – New Brew
10.0% ABV – 80 IBU – Signature Series

Description: Dark, black, and bitter with hints of sweetness from lactose, dancing with chocolate, cinnamon, & caramel notes. Take a trip on the dark side!

Udder Darkness Imperial Black Ale


Additional Tasting Notes: This is a nice and rich sipper for a cold evening in front of the fireplace or when cozying up to our black walnut bartop! Our beers pour around 37-39F, but this one really opens up nicely around 48-50F, so take your time (or order a second one to warm up while you drink the first!)

If you are into dark beers, this is a great one to try. It is one of our seasonal beers, so it’s not on tap all the time, but watch for when Udder Darkness Imperial Black Ale becomes available as it’s a big and beautiful black stout beer.

Augustino Brewing releases 10-12 seasonal and one off beers each year in addition to our 6 year round beers on tap. So regardless of when you come in there’s likely something new and interesting to try out including stouts, IPAs, pale ales, sours, and other beer styles that our fans enjoy.

Throughout the year, we like to have at least one nice dark beer available on tap and this is just one of the great options available on our release calendar. You can look at all of our current available beers on our current beers on tap listing. You can even view the ingredients and recipes for some of our beers if you are a homebrewer and interested in trying to clone one of our beers!