One day of St Patty’s Day wasn’t nearly enough for us this year. So we decided to kick the deals off the Saturday before! Get on in and have your hand at great discounts off all your favorites for St. Patty’s Day.

Angry Irishman (Angry Elephant colored green) – $6
Lucky’s Other Charm Irish Red – 20oz for 16oz price
$3.75 Jameson Shots
$6.50 Wichita Car Bombs (Our Liquid Deception Vanilla Hazelnut Porter with Jameson/Bailey’s bomb)

If you’re unable to make it in for our St Patty’s Day specials, there’s no reason to fret! We carry Jameson and our Wichita Car Bombs year round at Augustino Brewing. If you’re wondering how our Wichita Car Bombs taste, the best way to find out is to simply come on in and try one out. Most people think it tastes like a sweet hazelnut coffee; like liquid candy. But don’t drink to many of them as Liquid Deception Vanilla Hazelnut Porter is 9% ABV, so this drink packs quite the punch.

Speaking of our beers, Lucky’s Other Charm Irish Red is one of our special springtime seasonal beers. If you’ve not had a good Irish Red recently, we’d love to invite you to consider giving ours a try.

Deals run 3/13/2021-3/17/2021!